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Seduce Me

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I heard him come in and it started again.

"Hi, Mom. How's it going?" he said as I heard him sling his backpack onto the kitchen table, and come up behind me at the sink. He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned around to peck me on the cheek.

"Fine sweetie, how'd it go today?" I replied turning to face him, immediately feeling the charge from his presence and touch, despite the fact that his hands fell away as I turned. Bravely, or perhaps inquisitively, I looked into his lovely hazel eyes and saw them sparkle, as the feelings began again.

Somehow, lately, I was getting these very strange thoughts, and urges whenever he was around, and sometimes when he wasn't. To all intents and appearances, it was all quite innocent, but I was becoming more and more unsure.

"Okay, I guess, but I sure get confused by things."

I kissed him on the cheek, fighting the urge to kiss his lips, and said, "why don't you sit down and I'll get you something to eat and drink, and we can talk about it."

He grinned, and said, "gee thanks, that would be great," and I watched as he turned to drop into a chair at the kitchen table.

I went to the refrigerator and, looking inside, couldn't help but bend over, thrusting my hips and bottom in his direction, knowing I was tempting fate, or myself, or him... while the sensations grew.

Lately, the strangest images were floating in my mind whenever he was near. It started a few weeks ago when, as he was often wont to do, I let him rub my shoulders while I washed dishes in the sink. I think it was his way of saying "thanks" for a good meal, when he wasn't doing the clean up himself.

I was completely relaxed as only he could manage, when all of a sudden I had the sense that his hands were on my breasts. It wasn't so, because I could still feel them gently kneading my shoulder muscles, but the intense "impression" that he was cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipples was shocking to say the least. I'd shaken my head to clear the thought and he'd taken that as an indication to stop, and had withdrawn. But even as he left the room and I finished up the dishes, I couldn't stop the tingling that was spreading throughout my body.

Later, as I was helping him with his homework, leaning over the desk where he sat, another "sensation" struck me. I watched his hands on the desk, holding a book and pencil, but "felt" a hand sliding up my leg from behind, slipping fingers between my thighs, until they caressed the lips of my vulva through my panties. My knees almost buckled at the perception and I had to hold the desk to avoid collapsing. He seemed completely unaware of what I was going through, even as the "sensation" of a hand continued roaming under my dress and I "felt" the fingers slide across my bottom, dipping into the crevice between my cheeks, caressing my bum hole until it tingled outrageously. My entire lower body was afire at the "imagined touch" of... what... my son?

And, on another occasion when I'd let him rub my shoulders as I did the dishes after dinner, I again knew his hands were gently attending to my shoulders but "sensed" fingers sliding down and around my bottom, cupping my cheeks and slipping in between my thighs. Even when I knew he was rubbing the back of my neck and not touching me anywhere else, I nonetheless "perceived" hands sliding around my hips, onto my stomach, tracing downward to gently caress and mingle in the triangle of pubic hair over my mons, while... what seemed like his hard penis rubbed between the cheeks of my bottom.

Even when I moaned, and whispered "thanks baby, that feels so good to these old muscles" and slid slightly backwards towards him, he stepped back so we avoided actually touching, except his hands on my shoulders. That movement was enough however, to break the revere and I'd said, "but I'll never get these dished done if you keep it up" and he'd retreated... again.

And then there were the "touches" when he was near. That started, for real, a couple of years ago. Since room in the house was tight, there were always those occasions when we'd be standing close or going in opposite directions, and I began to notice gentle, timid caresses. First my bottom began to get "brushed." Every so often, my breasts would get a little "mashed" as we passed each other in the narrow hall or kitchen. And then, a couple of times, I felt him ever so briefly stroke my pussy mound when we stood close to each other.

But now, he could be sitting at the table on the other side of the room and I could still "feel" fingers sliding across my bra to gently squeeze my breasts and rub my nipples. More than once it seemed a hand would "rub" against my bottom, or fingers would "trace" the outline of my panties and "slide" along the valley between by cheeks, and I'd turn to see it was only my imagination. Every so often I would get the "impression" of my panties slowly sliding off my hips and down my thighs, revealing my love nest, and I'd stop and look to make sure I was still properly dressed. More and more in my own day dreaming, I was ever unsure if I was dressed or not, or if I'd remembered to put on a bra, or panties, and would pause to check. But even then, though sure I hadn't undressed myself (for some reason), I couldn't stop the tinkling sensations that often made me damp, no, wet... Nor could I stop the occasional thoughts of sexual play, or lovemaking... in all its manifestations.

And it was getting worse. Now every so often, even when he wasn't around, the brief thought of his kisses on my thighs began to appear in my mind. More than once, I found myself wandering into the thought of him massaging and sucking my breasts, only to realize my nipples were quite aroused, and wanting attention. All too often of late, I'd pause in what I was doing to let my imagination ever so briefly wander away with the picture of him sliding slowly up from the mists of my mind until his tongue "slid" between my vagina lips and "tickled" my clitoris. And at least once, in the quiet of my bedroom, as I succumbed to self ministration, the image of his hard cock replacing my finger, sliding in and out of my hot and needy pussy, made the resulting climax far more real... almost fulfilling.

And now, as I moved about the kitchen preparing his snack, I felt the excitement growing to an alarming level. I was constantly aware of my entire body tingling... my nipples growing aroused as they rubbed inside my bra, my breasts feeling heavy and full, wanting the massage of his fingers, my pussy lips beginning to dilate and moisten, my bottom excited by the thought of his "touches," my thighs brushing each other as I squeezed them together to keep the juices from flowing, my bottom cheeks tensing at the thought of his penis rubbing against them, intent upon sliding up into me.

Finally, after putting a sandwich and soda down in front of him, and sitting down on the other side of the table, I asked, "so what's so confusing?"

In the back of my mind, the plan should have been at stage two. I was going to seduce my mother. Or rather, in my mind, she was going to seduce me. One way or another...

As she sat down, I couldn't tell if it was working, but imagined it might, if I tried hard enough. But then, from a practical side, I knew it was only my day dreaming and that all that "mind control" stuff was a crock.

But I so wanted to touch and taste her, and certainly, not as a son. It took all my control to maintain the "distance" and "propriety."

So, whenever around her, I would try to project these images of lovemaking. I tried to maintain the perception of an innocent son when all the while, in my own mind I was fondling her, caressing her body, kissing and licking her, lying in her arms sliding in and out. In some day dreams she resisted, briefly, while in others she welcomed my advances. But all the while, I maintained the utmost in decorum.

When out of touching range, I developed and tried to propel thoughts of my hands on her breasts, or my lips sucking her nipples, or my tongue slipping in and out of her cunt, or my fingers sliding around her bottom, inside her cheeks and stroking her puckered bung hole, using her hot juice to slip in the back door as I pumped my dick in and out of her cunt. I thought about her sucking my dick, while I sucked her pussy. Most exciting was thinking about lying between her thighs and slowly moving up until my cock was just about to enter her, or thinking about sliding her panties down from behind and slipping my dick in between the cheeks of her bottom, all the while holding onto her hips or breasts.

Sometimes I would just concentrate on her breasts to see if I could "think" her nipples into excitement. At other times, I would watch her from behind, mesmerized by the movement of her hips and bottom as she moved about the room, and imagine my cock sliding up into her tight butt hole. But I had to be careful because I didn't want to get caught staring... which might create other problems.

And when I was close, I often fought the temptation to touch too much. The only way I could control it was when, on occasion, I would rub her shoulders, I made it a game. Somehow, standing behind her, I managed to concentrate on only touching her back and shoulders. I resisted the urges to reach around and touch her breasts... making almost a game of it by setting a boundary around her bra and panties, and never getting close enough to touch either. And perhaps the hardest part, other than my dick rising to attention on these occasions, was avoiding the temptation to rub my cock against her bottom. It was almost impossible to sit across the room and think about undressing and ravishing her without doing it. And, when rubbing her shoulders directly, it took every bit of strength to keep my hands from roaming to follow my thoughts.

But more and more I was undressing her. My Mom, was really quite pretty with lovely shoulder length hair, the right height and eyes that could at times bore right through you. More captivating, she had the perkiest breasts and roundest, firmest bottom I'd ever had the pleasure of touching or brushing against. And the mound cresting her long slender well proportioned legs, was like a magnet drawing my eyes to inspect every movement in the attempt to discern the many different approaches to the love channel between her thighs.

Her clothes were almost never tight, but always a little loose, "suggesting" what lay beneath. The summer temperature required light clothing and hers almost always revealed an exquisite outline to the discerning eye. When she sat on the couch, or a chair, her posture always provided a "hint" of what she had to offer.

When in shorts, her full rounded butt always beckoned for my palms to cup her cheeks. The mound over her pussy always seemed to protrude slightly, a little more prominently than her trim tummy, begging to be uncovered so I could run my fingers through her pubic hair and stroke it with my lips and tongue. And between her thighs, her mystery of mysteries, always seemed to be pouting at me, asking for my kisses, and tongue.

Almost equally captivating were her breasts, especially when her bra could be clearly seen through a light summer blouse. And every so often, fate would smile and she'd wear an almost sheer bra under a light top, and I could see her dark areolas, and perky nipples creating their own little attractions, like buttons on a perfect mound of cream, just waiting to be sucked.

More than once, I'd managed a quick view of her thighs and panty covered passion nest. Mom was the complete woman and often preferred dresses, unfortunately cut to an appropriate length. But every so often, as she sat on the couch, or crossed her legs, a brief vision of loveliness and mystery would be offered to feed the imagination for many a night. And once, when I was a bit younger and only beginning to be aware of the exquisite differences, I'd had the unparalleled opportunity to rub her legs after a long day at the office.

Sitting at one end of the couch as she stretched out and we watched TV, I began rubbing her ankles which had ended up in my lap to make room for us both. By this time, after so many back rubs, I knew what helped her relax and made her comfortable. So I simply, absent mindedly, began massaging her calves. Without really thinking about it, my hands wandered all over her lower legs and soon began to attend to the muscles around her knees. In the meantime, while I still watched the program, she'd dozed off, and I noticed that her legs were somewhat asprawl on the couch. Out of curiosity, as I rubbed her calves and ankles, I ever so slowly flexed her knees so they bent slightly, opening the distance between her thighs. As I worked on the knees, they naturally spread a bit more and her dress slid away, revealing a bit more of her thighs.

Curious, but scared to death of getting caught, I dared not go much further. But still, rubbing her knees, and just above to where her dress had slid, I managed to open the distance a bit more. Her thighs parted a bit more so I could see her panties. By now I was truly intrigued, and quite excited. Her ankle was resting comfortably against my growing cock and my fingers were beginning to tremble.

At this point, she was breathing evenly, quite comfortable and seemed sound asleep. And I was scared to death, as I strained to see more of the mystery between her thighs. Even in the shadow of her skirt, I could see her thin panties, and lush dark pubic hair underneath. I could even see where the panties slid up into the folds of what I would later learn was her pussy.

But in my impatience or excitement, I sought to spread her legs even further, and as if by reflex, her thighs closed and she turned a bit on the couch and woke up. That night, while getting hard was nothing new, a curious new strain developed, as I wondered more and more about girls in general, the mystery of women, and the captivating charms of my mother.

I guess that's when I started trying to be the "perfect" son. Understand, I truly loved my Mom, and would never do anything to hurt her. And I recognized how hard it was for her to work everyday to support us and to also find time to help me as I grew. In many ways, she'd devoted herself to "us" and took very little time for herself. She did date a bit, but it never seemed to go anywhere, or last with any one guy, and after a couple of dinners, or movies, the guys would disappear. But I'm pretty sure none of them ever scored on her.

So I pitched in whenever or wherever I could. I really enjoyed her company, and we joked and teased a lot.

We even got into a couple of playful tussles when I was younger and we'd wrestled around. In many ways, that too was an experience, and I found myself drawn to standing near or next to her so I could brush against her body. This was easy enough as the house was small and quarters somewhat tight. More as a scary and titillating experiment, I began to slip around behind her and let my hand lightly brush against her bottom. And, every so often, when she stood next to me, I'd casually let my arm swing so my knuckles would ever so slightly caress that mysterious mound under her stomach. These were quick surreptitious efforts on my part to "check her out" and often resulted in delicious memories in the night. That is, until I brashly took it a little to far.

One day as we were teasing and tickling and trying to decide who would pick the TV program, things got a little out of, or into hand I should say.

Mom as usual had me pinned to the floor, on my stomach, arm locked behind me, and was tickling the back of my neck with her hair as she leaned over trying to get me to concede. Somehow or other, I managed to wriggle free and turn the tables, and her around so I was sitting behind her on the floor. I wrapped my arms and legs around her, "quite" innocently putting my hand on her breast. That moment gave me pause and started the normal sensations of an instinctively horny young man. I'd never realized just how full, and firm, and soft, and exciting her breasts were. As she squirmed, her dress had slid up around her hips and I could see her bare legs and flashing panties. And as I held her tight, despite the exertion, my cock began to swell as it rubbed against her bottom.

But in my distraction, she rolled onto me, face to face, flat on the floor, again with me underneath. Just to keep a grip, I slid may hands around and cupped her bottom, pulling her tight to me.

I guess it was the combination of my hands on her butt, actually sliding under her panties, and my stiffening cock pressed against her lower stomach, that caused her to suddenly jerk and roll away from me and say, "okay, you win." I was really confused, and a little scared, realizing that I may have gone a little too far even by accident. But, without looking in my direction, she fixed her clothing and got up saying, "I really didn't want to watch that old news hour anyway, and maybe the movie will be good." And then as she turned to face me, all proper again, said, "but you make the popcorn!" and then went to brush her hair.

I don't remember the movie, but I certainly remember, and have relived the tussling, over and over and over. But the touching sort of ended after that.

As I got older, and hung out with other guys, I'd begun to pick up quite a bit of "neighborhood sex education" listening to the older fellows, and occasionally getting my hands on a skin mag or two. But the pictures weren't all that good, or a little to graphic, and the stories were all too rough. That is, until I stumbled on one that, at first was a little off beat, but intrigued me nonetheless. It was one of those quick and to the point stories about a mother who wanted to suck her son's cock. One moment the thought, the next paragraph he's pumping her; give me a break.

Now, I'd never really thought about it much, but as I "reviewed" more and more skin mags, I realized oral sex was kind of "normal" And even more fascinating were the pictures of guys sucking girls' pussies. But the pictures of "overly well hung" studs (Jeez, do they come that big without some medical help) and well used women with wide open gashes and humongous tits was a little intimidating. I guess you need 8 or more inches to get those gals to spread it for you.

But I digress, because the focus of my fascination had become more and more, the lovely woman in my own home. The source of so many nocturnal mental meandering. And as she sat down across from me, I looked for signs that maybe, today, it would start.

"Well, you know I took Debby to the prom a few weeks ago, and thought we had a good time," he started. "But, now, she doesn't seem to have any time to just hang out, at least with me anyway."

"Well, sweetheart, people and things change," I said. "Maybe she's trying to make other friends."

He snorted and said, "Yeah, I guess so, cause she certainly spends a lot of time with her girl friends."

"Honey, you have to understand, boys and girls at your age are going through some tremendous changes, and you both are trying to figure out what you want in life. Maybe you should give her a break and check out a few of the other girls."

"But they all seem so silly at times, and only want to gossip about stuff..." he said dejectedly. "At least with Debby we could have a decent conversation about something other than who's dating who."

"That's 'whom' dear, but there seems to be more to it than that. What else is confusing?"

"I don't know," he mumbled, eyes on the table. "This whole dating thing, and what guys and girls are supposed to do... It used to be we could just get together and hang out... and now everybody is pairing up... going together... and." he trailed off.

"Go ahead, tell me what's on your mind" I encouraged him.

"Well, I don't want to just go with someone to learn about all the other stuff, and maybe get stuck and miss the chance to meet someone really great because 'I'm taken'."

"Honey, I'm not sure what you mean about all the other stuff," I said (though I had very little doubt). "But going together doesn't mean you have to get married... you're way, way to young for that now." I paused, and said, "besides, you have tons of friends and you don't have to get 'too' involved with anyone, and there are a lot of people you haven't even met yet."

"But Mom, most of the other guys are going with someone, or if not it's easy to understand why not. And most of the girls I know are only impressed with a big car and lots of money."

I felt a twinge of guilt as I realized, perhaps, I wasn't providing well enough, but then remembered how I grew up. "Baby, you really don't want to compete for girls who are so easily impressed. You're handsome, intelligent, sweet as they come, and have a lot to offer some lucky girl."

"Well, there may be another problem too..." he trailed off.

"Okay, what's that," I said gently, trying to draw him out.

"Well, you know I've been out with a lot of girls, and Debby isn't the only one to... well... you know... practice stuff with..." he said, eyes still on the table. "But I don't seem to get it... whenever I kiss a girl... like in the movies... they get all... huffy... like all I want to do is rip their clothes off... and stuff."

Here I knew we were into dangerous ground.

"Well, I don't know anything about your technique," I started, "but I can let you in on a few little bits of information... that you may not like." I paused a moment, and then continued. "First, you're probably going to have to have a whole lot more patience than you think, or want to have at this point in life."

"A relationship is kind of like a tree," I opined, "and they take time to grow. And if you want a strong, sturdy, cultivated tree, not like one in the woods that grows wild and fights with the environment around it, you have to tend it with love, and... like I said, quite a bit of patience." I laughed a little and added, "of course the difference is a tree won't ever love you back, but the right girl could fulfill your every fantasy and knock your socks off in the process."

"The second thing you have to consider is that most girls your age really don't know what they want. And it doesn't get a whole lot better as they get older... because as they do begin to figure out what they want, there's a tendency to play games while they experiment." I paused a moment, thoughtfully, before plunging on. "When they become women, and a little more mature, and a little more sure of what they do and don't want, it's a little easier, but not much. Men and women are so alike, yet so completely different, that it's hard sometimes for them to fully relate... people have to remember to try and think like the other sex a little, to appreciate what they want, so you can give it to them, when and how they want it."

I stopped, feeling the sensations again. All of a sudden, I "felt" a dozen hands all over me, unbuttoning my blouse, lifting my dress, caressing my thighs, spreading them, fingers titillating my pussy, hands squeezing my bottom, fingers spreading my cheeks, my breasts being massaged and my nipples... sucked.

I took a deep breath and tried to shake off the confusion that was growing, and wondering if I should go on with the next thought.

"At your age, other things are going on that also create a great deal of confusion." Was I talking to him, or myself now?

Struggling now to keep my composure, and feeling the blood rushing through me as my breath quickened and my juices began to flow, and my nipples grew more sensitive and... "Your body is changing, creating hormones you never had to deal with before, and they may be making you a little more aggressive, so maybe you're moving a little too fast for the girls your age." Taking another deep breath, I plunged on, knowing I had to end this and get away, to compose myself before I lost control and...

"I guess, like most kids today, you've learned your 'techniques' from the movies. But you have to remember that movies are only an hour and a half to two hours long. In that framework, the hero is supposed to find a girl, win her undying passion, save the world from some catastrophe, and have great sex. Real life just isn't like that. You can't rush someone into a relationship... like they do in the movies."

At this point, I was beginning to lose it. As he sat across from me, hands on the table, eyes downcast and somewhat dejected, "someone's" tongue was driving me crazy, tickling my ears, sliding up and down my vagina, slowly rubbing my clitoris, agitating my nipples, taking me closer and closer to an orgasm...

"Tell you what" I struggled to finish, "why don't you make an effort to go out every other night for the next couple of weeks, but with someone new or different, or someone you know but don't usually hang out with." I spread my legs a little as the sensation of a "cock" slipping inside my vagina began to arise. My bung hole was itching so bad I wanted to reach around and rub it. And Ohhh, how I wanted to finish whatever the "sensations" had started.

Using every ounce of energy to maintain my composure, I stood up saying, "and then, we can talk about how you feel, and what you want after you've done a little running around. Who knows, it may be an almost complete waste of time, but you're young, and maybe you'll run into a few guys and gals who are a little more in tune with you. But you have to get out and broaden your horizons. Maybe you've been spending too much time with the same old people. But whatever you do, remember to be gentle... like you are with me."

I moved around the table, and leaned over to give him a kiss on the head. As I moved, I "felt" the sensations quickening, as if "someone else" was already rubbing my bottom to soothe the agitation in my bung hole, while the cock slid slowly up into me, filling me, creating juices that I'd though had dried up long ago.

I was barely able to get to my room and collapse on the bed before the rush hit. And I hadn't even touched myself.

Damn it. This was never going to work I thought.

But I resolved to hear everything she'd said.

"and... like I said, quite a bit of patience."

"... but the right girl could fulfill your every fantasy and knock your socks off in the process."

"... When they become women, and a little more mature, and a little more sure of what they do... want..."

"... so you can give it to them, when and how they want it."

"... I guess... you've learned your 'techniques' from the movies." "But whatever you do, remember to be gentle... like you are with me."

I'll be gentle I thought, I do love you, but... this is driving me crazy.

Maybe she's right. I do need a different perspective. I do need to get out and chase a few chicks. And hang with the guys. And get laid somehow, somewhere. Anything to take off the edge.

But there's this dynamite woman... just in the other room...

And it's been so long, she's got to be hungry by now...

Unless it's been so long she's forgotten.

But no, I hope that's not it. Maybe it's just me and this "mother and son" thing. I guess she never even thinks about it that way.

Maybe she doesn't even think about sex anymore, and that's why none of the guys who dated her ever stuck around...

But you have to wonder, sometimes.

This evening, despite our little chat that I should cast my net further, I again got caught up in it.

I managed to catch her in the hall after her shower as she got ready for bed. She smelled sweet and fresh, and I couldn't, wouldn't quell the images she evoked. She was in her regular almost knee length cotton nightgown. But I could see the outline of her breasts, and the little tents her nipples made. And, as she paused in the bathroom doorway, I could see the shapely outline of her tapered waist, rounded hips and perfect thighs through the gown as the light accented her curves. And as she turned, the silhouette her full, firm breasts swayed into view with her nipples clearly pushing the fabric out.

And a little later, in the bright kitchen as we got our last drinks of water and juice for the night, I became mesmerized by the sight of her panty briefs outline under the gown, and the way the gown swirled and slipped between her legs as she moved, emphasizing the undulating depression between the slight swell of her stomach and the protrusion of her rounded mons venus... I could almost see the dark triangle of her pubic hair crowning the portal to her love channel.

How could I have "... been spending too much time with the same old people" without tasting that? How could I not want to...

As I massaged my engorged member, thinking about fucking her, I couldn't choose between sliding between her trembling, thrusting thighs, or the picture of her slowly licking me, hold me tightly down near my balls, and wrapping her sweet lips around the head of my dick, sucking, sucking... sucking, until I exploded deep inside her.

As I fell asleep, released and somewhat satiated, I thought that I couldn't wait. I needed some real release and maybe she was right. I needed to find someone else, someone who wanted to do it right now, and drifted off to sleep.

I'd never felt so... what...

After our conversation, and my eruption in the privacy of my room, I'd thought at least everything would settle down for a while.

But then that night, in bed, the "sensations" started again and though worn by the earlier bout, I had another tremendous climax.

This time, I felt thoroughly fucked, with slow, steady insistent strokes in and out of my pussy, until the last rush of frenzy before... And all the while I had the feeling of a hot throbbing cock in my mouth... to the point that I was actually gulping as my vagina twitched and convulsed and... I came.

I lay there, exhausted, falling asleep, the most relaxed I'd been in ever so long... and really confused... and had the most disturbing, or erotic, fragmented dreams.

My son was raping me. No, I was sucking on his cock. Then I was in a trance while he took my clothes off. No, he was slowly sliding his dick into my bottom, and I was actually pushing backwards to get him inside me. No, I was opening my legs, beckoning him to come to me, to let him kiss my thighs... No he was ignoring me. No, he was raping me... again... and again... and... No, I was letting him undress me... waiting to feel his hot cock slide up into me... and sliding his shorts down, wanting to suck his young virgin cock, and...

When I woke up, my panties and nightgown, and the sheets were sopping wet. At first I thought I'd peed in my bed but my bladder drove me to the bathroom to show... it was all love juice.

Shaking as I showered, physically completely relaxed, yet mentally anxious, a bit edgy or worried, I wondered if I was going out of my mind.

As I got ready for work, I tried to rationalize what was going on. Perhaps everyone went through these "dreams" when they were deprived of sex. Perhaps subliminal messages were transmitted by the body to the brain demanding something not experienced in too long. But the thoughts about my "son!" Where did they come from? Even if he didn't know the secret about his "mother," how could I ever imagine such... intense... pleasure.

I had to get a grip. I couldn't blame him for what was going on. He was the perfect gentleman, in virtually every way. He did his chores and more. He attended to me with the utmost propriety and courtesy. Well almost, except for the few occasions when he was younger and seemed to be "exploring" the only woman handy (smiling, now at the pun).

But seriously, I really do loved that boy and would do anything for him...

I can't let my "problem" affect our relationship. But he's getting older and things are getting to that really complicated stage, and I just know I'll regret it if I do anything to create even more confusion. I have to be careful what I say. Part of me wants him to find a girl to "do stuff with" and part of me doesn't, at least not yet. To be honest, right or wrong, I want to help him understand everything about women he's curious about... but I can't.

As I headed out the door to work, part of me was relieved to be through the ritual of waking, shower and coffee without waking or running into him. But then... part of me missed the chance to see him... get a goodbye kiss... before I trundled off.

The day was uneventful (in the sexual sense), as were much of the following weeks. Part of me was relieved, and part of me missed the relief or balm that the "sensations" had provided, even with the confusions.

I was pleased to hear him making arrangements and taking advantage of the advice I'd given, to seek the company of others. And I missed him when he wasn't around.

Almost every other night he was out, but never too late.

Every night, I waited, not to obviously I hoped, for his return and polite kiss on the cheek as he went off to bed.

We still had plenty of time in the evenings and on the weekends to stay connected, so I could keep track of what he was up to and who he was beginning to hang around with, and what he thought about this or that. I learned about the old friends and the new acquaintances. A couple of times he came home rather preoccupied, sometimes quite flushed, once or twice with lipstick on his cheek and neck, and I kept my own counsel.

A few times the "sensations" returned, sometimes quick and passing, sometimes long and intense, and normally only at night when I was in my own bed...

As they became more intermittent, I began to... look forward to them. Wondering what manifestation would... almost satisfy me again.

I didn't "try" to bring them on, but recognized their onset, and, depending on circumstances, sometimes let them take me away... to an almost fulfillment. The only real problem was "that afternoon" at work that started with the "touching" and "stroking" and "rubbing" I felt all over, and particularly the nipple "sucking" that almost drove me into delirium, that grew and grew until the evening.

The whole evening was absolute decorum as I fought for control until I could retreat to the safety of my bedroom. I felt "petted" and "fondled" all evening, and could just barely keep my sense of propriety as he went out on another "date," while I waited for his return.

And the few hours he was gone, the pressure seemed a little less provocative, so I didn't do anything to seek self gratification. I thought it had passed, a little disappointed that I hadn't had... the climax... and was still a little on edge... almost hungry for the "sensation" to finish.

Somehow, I thought, these sensations have something to do with my son. They seem most intense when he's around, or at least in the house, and we're together alone, and most especially, at night. And, it is natural for a woman, and a young man to want... And maybe it would be wrong,... for an older woman and a young man... and it wouldn't really be incest.

Boring... I thought...

Even the couple of evenings with Debby were no longer all that intriguing. She was still somewhat interesting but had been "infected" with the mindless concerns and prattle of her girl friends. And she still had a "body" but no where near as voluptuous or tempting... or forbidden... or... as... available... as...

And the guys only talked what they "would" do or "bragged" about their petty exploits. First base, third base, even the home runs seemed contrived.

And the other girls, were... engaging... and not. None were as fully developed as... or ready to try... stuff. Or if they were, I simply had to beg off because I didn't want to be in the long line of their "prior" experiences.

I could always go home "on time" or "early" and get almost the best delight of the evening.

Mom always waited up, and though I often went home in frustration from a "date," I always wanted to make sure she could go to bed... without worrying about me.

And the reward was always waiting, even if I couldn't bend it... her... to my will. Fantasizing about my Mom was still my most active, imaginative and enjoyable pastime.

I'd about given up on the "mind control" crap, but couldn't stop the day to day, and night "visions" especially when she was "helping" them.

She was hot and didn't even know it. Every move she made was sensuous and, to me, begging for my attention or reaction. One night, as I took a turn at the clean up after dinner, she came up behind me and began massaging my shoulders as I so often did hers. As usual, she thanked me for pitching in, and mentioned how tired she was from her day at the office on her feet. I of course offered to return her favor of the shoulder rub with a foot massage when the dishes were done. But she deferred, saying something about "not wanting me to touch her smelly feet that had been running around all day..." But before I could protest and proffer again, she went on to say, "I remember when you used to do this (the back rub) in my bed... remember when you were little and used to sit on my backside to rub my back... ?" And I could vaguely remember times when I would be on my knees, straddling her bottom on the bed, and try to help her relax with a back massage.

My cock started to harden at the thought of sliding up and down the separation between the half moons of her butt cheeks, with my balls resting just outside her pussy, wondering if I would ever have that opportunity again.

And then I felt her soft breasts press against my shoulder blades as she teased the hair on my neck with her fingers, kissed me on the cheek and said she was going to take a shower.

I finished cleaning up as I heard the shower and let pictures of her naked, pelted by the water stream, dance in my head. I turned on the TV and crashed on the couch to watch some late night talk and talent show.

Mom came out in her nightgown and robe and joined me on the couch. She plumped the pillows in one corner and, primly tucking her night clothes around her legs, swung her feet up into my lap.

"I decided to take you up on your offer" she said. I grinned and said, "sure" and began to rub her ankles and feet. But then I paused and said, "I think you deserve something special tonight."

I lifted her feet out of my lap and got up, heading for the bathroom. I was more than a little titillated with the quick sight of her thighs and panties as her knees bent and opened slightly when I shifted her feet. I found her body lotion and returned to the couch, hurrying to get seated before my hardening cock became obvious. As I sat and shifted myself and pulled her feet back into my lap, I asked, "a little lotion for the lady?" She sighed, seemed to snuggle a bit deeper in the couch and said, "oh, that would be wonderful..."

We giggled and laughed at the monologue and jokes on TV as I began massaging her instep and toes, flexing each in turn to loosen them up, sliding cream slickened fingers in between. I rubbed each foot in turn, only a little anxious when I allowed the closest one to lean against my now fully upright cock. I spent an inordinate amount of time on her ankles and feet, rotating them slightly, rubbing away all the aches around her heels and arches, soothing the bottoms without meaning to tickle her. I did, at one point, run a fingernail lightly up the inside of her instep, getting the reaction I wanted, as the tickle caused her leg to lift when she jerked her foot away, laughing that I "shouldn't torture" her.

Little did she know that my "torture" was just beginning. Alternating between her feet, and gently swivelling her ankles had helped open her legs a little, shifting her gown so that it slid away a little, bunching more in her lap, revealing a little more of her thighs.

The memory of her words"... and... like I said, quite a bit of patience..." rang in my mind, causing me to be even more deliberate in my attentions to her massage. Slowly, without rushing, lingering on her ankles, I began rubbing lotion on her shins and lower calves. My reward was a slight distant wink from her panties. Laboriously, I thoroughly kneaded the muscles just above her ankles and waited as the distance between her knees grew ever so imperceptibly wider.

I was now only half listening to the talk show as it droned on, making light conversation that grew quieter and quieter. Mom had by now shifted a little, lying back with her eyes closed, resting though not asleep.

At first, I could only use my peripheral vision to enjoy the developing view next to me. I was afraid to look directly at her, lest she catch my glances at her legs and suspect more was showing than she intended.

More than once, in her reverie, she whispered, "oh... that feels so good... thank you baby..." or "... your hands are wonderful..." and "you have the perfect touch..."

At one point, she turned and leaned over to take a sip of her drink on the coffee table, generating multiple reactions in me. Although it was one smooth fluid and all to quick an effort, in my mind, in slow motion I watched her thighs open slightly as she repositioned to reach for the glass, seeing in turn, the spreading of her lovely thighs, a developing full view of her panty covered muff, noticing clearly the wisps of her lush pubic hair highlighted within the confines of the silky fabric and peeping around the sides, as her pussy lips, clearly defined for the moment, seemed to blow me a kiss from behind the veil, and then her full round bottom when the gown opened underneath as she rolled to her side. And the whole time, feeling her foot in my lap moving, as her heel turned and snuggled more tightly against my stiff cock, and rubbed it first up then down as she stretched for the glass. And then an all too quick repeat, in reverse, as she replaced the glass and settled back into the couch, modestly making sure her gown covered her lap.

By now, my hands had moved almost to her knees in their ministrations, and I'd shifted a little closer so her calves were more in my lap. The slight bend in her knees was again giving me a clear view under her gown, though her thighs were again closed, but not tightly.

I glanced at her again, to be sure her eyes were still closed, but could not tell if she had fallen asleep.

At that point, I decided not to push my luck. I put a little more lotion in my palms and gently massaged her knees, going only slightly above, and then all the way back down to her feet. Sliding my hands slowly back up I slowly massaged the inner muscles of her legs, feeling them hesitantly open to make room as my kneading fingers began again to circle around her knees.

I paused, knowing that I was getting to a dangerous stage, courting disaster. I slowly ran my hands around her legs, just above her knees. I wanted so much to slide my hand up along her thighs and draw even nearer to her honey pot. But I was beginning to tremble and knew that was the sign that my excitement might cause me to go to far.

As the debate raged in my mind, common sense saying quit now, passion urging me on, the TV show ended, and she stirred, sitting up, putting her hands on mine, still just above her knees but not yet under her gown.

She leaned forward and whispered, "Honey, you have the most amazing hands... I could let you go on... all night... I love the way you touch me... but we have to stop... and go to bed..."

She put her arms around me and hugged me, kissing my cheek, then resting her head on my shoulder. In response, I let my hands slide up around her waist and hugged her in return, pulling her into my lap.

She was a little surprised by the move, letting out a startled noise as her perfect bottom settled against me and I pulled her closer, feeling her breasts against my arms and chest. "Mom, I love touching you and could do it all night,... if you wanted..."

She sighed and hugged me close again, murmuring, "I have to go to work in the morning... and your touch... is so relaxing, but I'll never get to sleep if we don't save some of it... for later..."

Disappointed, yet relieved, I mumbled okay. I turned my head slightly to kiss her cheek, and felt her shift ever so slightly, to hug me more tightly, so that her breasts were like wonderful, firm pillows pressed against me, while her hip ground against my raging hardon, and her bottom rubbed between my thighs. But instead of a son's kiss on her cheek, she turned a little more and I found myself kissing her lips, startling us both...

Warm, soft, her lips, the kiss was exquisite. She sat back a little, in my lap, stroking the side of my face, and looked deeply into my eyes. I couldn't help but fall into the depths of her eyes, as I smoothed her hair and brushed it back over her shoulder. Then, I felt her fingertip trace across my lips, and she leaned close to my ear to whisper "... you're turning into a very... dangerous... young man..." Lost in the fragrance of her hair, thoroughly confused, I was stunned as she slowly stroked my face again and then pulled me down to kiss... again... her lips... lingering in the touch as our lips opened slightly at the touch.

And then in one fluid movement, she was up and her perfect figure was drifting away, down the hall to her bedroom. I sat there in shock as the heat of her bottom left my raging hardon throbbing unfulfilled.
What was I doing!!!

Was I crazy!!!!

We were definitely playing with fire!!!

Okay, so there's nothing wrong with letting him rub my feet. But why, as he was running his hands up and down my legs, was I disappointed that the other "sensations" I'd come to enjoy and look forward to, then never start. I did grow damp, my pussy did get juicy, as his hands and fingers ever so slowly moved up to my knees last night, and as I wondered if he... or I... would stop.

And I was delightfully surprised when he impetuously pulled me into his lap, and let me feel his strong penis against my hip and bottom, reveling in the confirmation that there WAS a passion between us. And I surprised myself when we first kissed, almost by accident, like very timid lovers.

But the second kiss, no matter how enjoyable, was stepping way out of bounds. If he only knew, it would have been far more than just the "sensations" I later felt that night, all night long...

After the first three climaxes, I lost track of how many times I woke up with the tingling in my muff growing, as "he" kissed my breasts and suckled my nipples, and sipped the juice at the entrance to my vagina, and probed my anus... until...

And yet, as pleasurable and exhausting as the "experiences" were... I was really beginning to want more... of him...

I must be going crazy!!! He's never done anything to suggest he might "want" me. The complete gentleman, in the past few years he's never touched me in a sexual way, even if the massages seem to me to be extremely sensual, and the "events" often (now always) include him as the... perpetrator? provocateur? initiator? willing participant???? rapist?????. He's never said anything to even suggest he harbors any illicit thoughts about me. And he always has the opportunity to "select" among all those young woman to "do stuff" with. Where did I ever get the thought he might want to have sex with his "mother?" I'm too old and way out of his league. And besides, if the "phenomenons" were any indication, blushing at the thought, my sturdy foundling son would wear me out the first night, and I'd be sore for a week.

A couple of evenings later, after dinner, as I cleaned up, he came up and began rubbing my shoulders while I stood at the sink. He seemed pensive, and after thanking me for another "wonderful" meal grew quiet and continued to gently, easily, run his hands around my neck and shoulders... and arms... His hands moved down around my ribs and lower back, skipping over my bra strap, gently rotating his thumbs and fingers along my spine and hips, he asked the question I'd sort of been dreading.

"Mom,"... he hesitantly started..."what did you mean when you said I was 'turning into a very dangerous young man'?"

I hesitated a moment, as if to recall the comment, though I knew exactly what he meant, and what I'd meant. "Well," I started, "let's just say... you have awesome hands, and know just what pleases... a girl... er, uh, muscles to work... or... you know... massage... and you're very gentle... maybe even a little... oh, I don't know,... your touch... it's a little intoxicating when you rub my shoulders... and the other night... when you massaged my feet,... you made me feel... really special... which made me feel like I'd do almost anything... you wanted... and if you treat your girl friends that way... well... it could make you pretty dangerous."

"In what way" he probed.

I had almost run out of dishes. Yet, I couldn't quite turn to face him yet. As I reached for one of the last pots, I couldn't stop myself from leaning... to touch my bottom against him... or his reaction... the tightening of his fingers on my shoulders... the pause as we both felt the all too brief tryst of his hard cock, touching, nestling into the divide between the cheeks of my bottom.

I blushed and felt my nipples popping... and hurried on with "oh, I don't know... maybe talk them into something they might not do otherwise..." I took a deep breathe, and reached for the last dish, this time "careful" not to lean over "too" much.

"Sweetheart, you have to understand..." as I continued to wash the now well cleaned dish in my hands..."you're a very special guy, and when the right girl comes along... you both may... I don't know... this is a little embarrassing... get too involved... I expect you'll sweep her off her feet, maybe a little too quickly... and it means... getting that involved... to a girl... sometimes it means more to her than it might mean to you..."

As the water drained from the sink, and I dried my hands, and slowly turned to face him, regretting the end of his touch as he released me and slid back a bit, I finished with, "so,... my Handsome son,... I guess what I mean is... be careful... be gentle... and try to remember... you might be able to get whatever you want..." now almost strong... trying to look him in the eye... "but remember that the other person... girl... that you... might get... involved with... is important too... but might get led astray by your... dangerous charms... and may need... you to be the gentleman we don't see around too often anymore. One who cares. One who tries to understand and satisfies the woman's needs."

Was I on safe ground yet? "Understand?"

"Yeah, I guess," he said, though he still looked a little perplexed. "Although, I can't be all that dangerous, if my recent dating history is anything to go by" he said, a little dejectedly.

And the maternal instinct reacted with the comment, "remember, patience... it will come..." as my now thoroughly "incestuous" mind thought again about sucking his young strong virgin cock to relieve his immediate pain, while preparing for...

I leaned forward and quickly kissed him on the cheek, I guess to reestablish some degree of propriety, and said, "now go get ready for your date. It's Friday night, and you're young, and need to be out and about."

"What about you?" he rejoined with a little humor.

"Me? Well your tired old Mom is going to luxuriate in a hot bath, get ready for bed, and be content with a good book... now off with you."

Later, with the house to myself, I did just that. A hot bath... and a cold shower...

But it didn't work.

Nor did the book.

And then the summer storm rolled in, fierce with thunder and lightening.

And before I knew it, I was rummaging around looking for candles to offset the dark, because the power was out.

And then, a while later, to my relief, I heard him drive up and run to the door.

"You're soaked" I observed... the obvious, meeting him with a candelabra in my hand, wondering in passing how I might appear, meeting him this way, in my nightgown on a stormy night, with a candle in my hand.

"Quick,... go take a hot shower before you catch a cold..." I instructed as he began stripping his soaking clothes and headed for the bathroom. I left the candelabra in the bathroom with him and, picking up his clothes in the wake of his passage, went to get more candles.

I waited in the living room, staring sightlessly out the wide glass patio doors as the storm continued to pound the back yard, thinking of him... in the shower. In the back of my mind, I heard the water stop, and a little later heard him come quietly down the hall in his bare feet. I realized I was trembling, and holding my breath, feeling that now familiar moistness developing between my thighs... as my nipples became more and more sensitive to the slightest movement of my nightgown covering them.

"Feel better?" I asked, as he came up behind me, inadvertently, and unknowingly, provoking my bottom to a higher sensitivity, waiting for his "touch."

I shifted my stance a little, to spread my legs a bit, and let the cool air from the partially open patio door soothe and cool my steaming muff, wondering if... no,... , the soap smell, and the cream I'd applied earlier... to my most sensitive lips... should... obscure... the fragrance I "sensed" was in the air.

"Yeah," he said, and no more, as if respecting my solitude.

"So, what brings you home so early... not a little ole storm I hope..."

"Nah,... Janey got a little scared... and wanted to go home in case it got any worse... and her folks and brothers were there,... and I didn't want to deal with them... so I bailed... knowing my best girl was home... alone... and I could have a lot better time with her..."

"Your best girl?" I asked. "What, am I... the backup?" I joked. "And you can have a better time with me... than Janey... what does that mean..."

"Ahh Mom he went on the defensive. And then recovered with, "I just meant... I'd rather be here with you... you know, make sure you're okay... and maybe catch up a little... since you keep making me go out... who knows... if you're REALLY nice to me... I might even offer you a... full... massage, (as I felt his hands on my shoulders, and my body began reacting more fiercely to his presence and touch... ), not just a shoulder rub... for all the fantastic things you do... for me..."

I luxuriated in his affect on my body and senses. I felt his hands moving ever so slowly down my back, pausing I fleetingly thought in a little panic, as we both realized I had no bra on under my night gown. And then I began to fully realize what a view I must be presenting without a robe to hide under. How much could he see in the dim candle light???? Did he have to see anything, as I felt his hands on my lower back, while his thumbs and fingers kneaded the muscles around my hips, causing my legs to turn to jelly.

I felt his hands slide back up, along my ribs, while his thumbs managed my spine... and his finger tips... came ever closer... and gently slid discreetly around the soft sides of my breasts... as my nipples began to burst with... anticipation.

I was about to collapse when he whispered in my ear "why don't you stretch out... and I'll give you a back... rub,... like you've never had before..."

I sighed, "oh honey... that would be so nice... but I'm ready to... go to sleep now... maybe tomorrow..."

But he wasn't to be put off, and suggested "that's perfect... I'll give you a massage that'll put you right to sleep... in your own bed..."

Trembling with... I murmured "that's really sweet..."

He carried the candle as I led the way to my bedroom. I felt my nightgown, swaying against my legs, and imagined his eyes, straining to see in my bottom as it jiggled underneath.

As I nervously turned the bed cover down, I realized that my bottom was spreading open... and my muff was presenting itself... even covered by panties and the gown... as a... target as I slowly, deliberately bent over...

A little self consciously, I hurried to stretch out on the bed... attempting to arrange my gown to provide some modicum of decorum.

He put the candle on the dresser across the room. And... after a moment... sat on the bed next to me. I could only imagine what he saw and thought, as he contemplated his mother, face down on the bed, waiting for his touch...

Ever so gently, I felt his trembling fingers begin to knead my shoulder muscles and stroke my neck. Slowly, I felt him work down my back... at first without real direction... and then... almost with purpose. I began to enjoy the rhythm as he alternated between my back and arms. Before I knew it, my arms, gently massaged and treated, were above my head, so my hands were tucked under the pillow.

Ever so slowly, he manipulated every muscle in my back, from my neck down... to... almost my butt. I felt his expert fingers stroke me and relax every muscle... ever so... professionally... until... trembling... I felt my gown beginning to ride slowly up my legs, as his fingers slid, a little further each time, closer to the panty line on my hips.

Despite the anticipation and excitement... and fear, I was beginning to drift in and out. For a moment, I came clearly aware as I realized, as he massaged my hips, my panties were sliding further down my hips, with each successive series of strokes along my spine. I was faintly aware of the butterflies in my tummy and tingling in my nipples, as he more and more caressed the soft sides of my breasts.

In a haze, I realized, after a bit, that my gown "felt" like it was... gathered... up... around my waist...

"One moment" he was kneading the muscles in my shoulders, the..."next"... I felt him gently rubbing my feet, vaguely aware my knees were bent ever so slightly... that my legs were open... thinking only briefly what an image I must be presenting... but retreating to the comfort that it was still dark... with only the candlelight flickering...

Slipping away again... into the dream... I felt him massaging my toes... and ankles... and calves... and knees... thighs... moving closer and closer... almost touching...

I came almost fully awake as I felt his fingers gently massage my hips... and felt my panties sliding down again, and began to feel the cool night air on the cheeks of my bottom.

And then he was rubbing the muscles in my neck and shoulders again, while I wondered abstractly... in a haze...

"Mom" and then a pause as I felt his hands move down.

"Mom, you still awake?" and I was, almost completely, as I felt his hands continue to knead my middle back... and felt him leaning against me... resting on my butt... and realized I felt his hands on my skin and... no longer... through the gown... now under it...

I only shifted a bit... waiting... not answering... pretending to be... almost asleep...

And I was completely awake when he slid his hands down around my waist... down... on to my hips... and gently kissed me... just above... right at... the swelling of my bottom cheeks... in the very middle of my "lowest" back... and couldn't stop the involuntary reaction of my pelvis, as I ground my muff down into the mattress.

I felt his hands quickly retreat... and in a moment..."Mom... you awake... ?" and with no response... a few tender rubs later, a little quieter... "Mom" and very delicate "jostle" as if to emphasize his question, "... you still with me."

I let out a very low moan... and stretched out a little... but... went on pretending... to be asleep... realizing... my panties were even further down... had... been moved again... so my bottom was almost completely uncovered...

Again I felt his fingers, gently massaging my sides... and waist... hips... ever so slowly slipping my panties... further down... feeling the waist band slide tantalizingly... across... tickling... the lush, sensitive hair covering my mons... until they down were around the top of my thighs...

"Ahhhh" I moaned to myself, as I dreamed of his fingers sliding along my thighs and... lightly brushing near my pussy lips... as the fingers continued to trace the outline of... my panties... under my bottom... around to my hips...

"Uhhhnngg" I heard, from myself... as I dreamed... felt his touch, now more insistent... sliding along... closer... higher... to... almost the edge of my... pussy... stroking... tantalizing the fringe of my pubic hair...

Almost fully awake again, I simply indulged in his stroking of my thighs... near my outer labia, sensing the inner lips opening... and my little fellow protruding... seeking attention...

And then, "OhhUhhhggg!" I moaned, as I distinctly felt his finger tip slide slowly, deliberately, along the channel of my panty covered love, ever so gently prompting the lips of my juicy pussy to open even more.

Again, I felt his hands slide round my hips... as his thumbs slowly stoked my bottom cheeks,... from below... under my panties... opening the way to my anus... briefly...

Not protesting, I felt him slide my panties down even further.

And felt his warm hands gliding across the full cheeks of my bottom, cupping them, slipping his thumb along the channel, caressing my..."UHHnngg" and I felt my hips jerk, offering my bung hole... as only one way... inside.

And then I "felt" my nightgown slip up... further up... under my breasts... as his hot hands again slowly kneaded and massaged my back, now completely, flesh to flesh...

In the dream I felt his fingertips tug gently at my soft breasts, as if to slide around them from underneath, and felt my self willingly agree, slowly, when I heard him say, "mom... turn over..."

In the dream, I watched as he sat back, at my side, to let me turn... so that my breasts...

I felt his palm on my stomach... and realized... as I turned... it had slipped deliciously around my body, from my warm... hot bottom... over my hips to rest there... just above...

Exotically, I sensed him move again... and felt him gently kissing my neck,,.while slowly opening... lifting my gown... a little higher... to release my nipples from the torture of touching the fabric...

Slowly I felt his fingers travel up along my ribs... and slide around my breasts, squeezing them gently... causing my nipples to blossom even more, extending... puckered... into the evening air... like little cherries.

And then, the ecstacy of... his tongue... his lips... his suckling... dreaming of him entering my vagina while gently squeezing my breasts, cupping them to play with the fully swollen nipples, again slowly licking them... gently sucking them in between his hot lips...

Then I felt his palm move down onto my stomach... as he began to gently slide his fingers down and tenderly, lightly comb the fringe of my pubic hair.

I lay there, on my back, eyes closed, again delighted by his delicate touch, knowing it wrong, for some reason, to let him... touch me... there... reveling in the slow way he slipped his fingers into my lush pubic hair, gently stroking my pulsating mons, feeling him explore my thick sensitive pussy curls... sliding down... slipping his hot fingers down... to lightly stroke my pussy lips... as I slowly opened my thighs... to let him delve between them... feeling his fingers slowly explore... and touch "Ungg!!!... Oooghghhh!!!"

... not right... when he leaned forward... to kiss me... on the lips... and slip his tongue slowly into me... my mouth... like a thick... his ... to want his tongue to touch... taste... my...

I was losing control...

Ever so slowly, as I felt his palm cupping my love nest, as his fingers slid though my pubic hair, and one... slipping along the opening entrance to my passion, slipping... almost in... and... away... and... almost... in...

I said "no!" Didn't I?????

More clearly, with greater effort, I said "please stop!"

I said... "I can't..."

I... didn't want it to...

I wanted...

"We can't..."

I felt his tongue abandon my nipples, and begin to trace down, ever so slowly, as he kissed me between my breasts, then each in turn licking the firm, quivering undersides... my ribs... stomach... my hips... down...

I made another attempt "OH baby, please stop... you can't... do this... to me..." and choked as he began to lightly pull at my pussy hair with his lips, while alternately sliding his tongue in circles... closer...

I felt his warm breath as his tongue touched me there... ever so gently sliding down, gently circling in the lush mass of hair, closer... now timidly probing the top... where the lips of my labia began... slipping lightly along the passage of my love channel... now separating my inner lips... flickering against my clitoris... driving me to complete abandon...

I watched helplessly as he slowly pulled my panties down further, completely uncovering my womanhood... feeling the fabric erotically caressing my inner thighs... as they slid down... pausing for a moment as he drank in the sight of his mother... open... inviting... letting him uncover her most secret charms... as he gently slipped my panties down... sliding them over my knees... I felt myself almost helping... letting him slip them off my ankles dropping them as I lay there... fully exposed...

In a dream I felt his fingers now caressing my legs... opening them... now that there was no restraint... nothing hidden... as he leaned in... to slide closer... his head between my thighs, kissing me... again moving slowly, deliberately letting his tongue slip closer teasing... until... with excruciating tenderness, I felt it slide closer... nearer... next to... timidly touch... pause... and then with deliberate, delicious design... slide along... my pussy lips again... this time a little more insistent... opening them... tracing the folds of my outer... and inner labia... slipping around my hot channel... tenderly pulling me between his lips... sucking my pussy lips,... probing... rubbing inside... touching my clitoris...


Feeling him pause, I said "please baby... don't... stop now..." as the surge began... and my pussy reacted involuntarily and thrust upward...

"Please... douuooohhhh... touch me there...

And he persisted, causing me to shiver as I felt his lips suck tenderly on my pussy... and felt his tongue... slide down... find my love threshold... tarry... explore... and begin to slip inside me.

My fingers, now mingling in his hair, urged his mouth tighter into my passion... as I encouraged him to... as I wanted him to touch me, with his tongue... to start... as I began to cum... with my son... licking my muffin... tasting my cream... while I felt his fingers caressing my bottom... lifting me to his lips... as I felt his fingers probing my anus, while his tongue slid deeper inside me... as I felt him fucking me with his tongue... I was rumbling with the awesome rush... and began to involuntarily jerk my hips... pressing my cunt into his face... as the reverberating climax continued... wanting to feel more of his tongue slide... deeper... into me... the intensity of the waves crashing over me... so absorbing...

As my climax slowly subsided... leaving me completely drained... I felt his hand slide comfortably up to cup my breasts, to rub my nipples again... as he began to slide slowly up... lifting his head from between my thighs... lingering... teasing my bush again as my vulva quivered.

Still almost in a dream... I felt him slowly gently kissing my stomach... running his tongue all over... sucking on my nipples, alternating from one breast to the other, with his lips agitating me... deliciously sucking... making me reach new heights of excitement... .until the second climax began building, and continued, and receded, and all the while, his hand massaged my bottom, lifting me so the doors of my hot love... so the lips of my muffin... rubbed tight against him... waiting for his...

And then I felt him, moving ever so slowly and gently until his penis rubbed against... the lips of my pussy... and I felt the hot bulbous head slide... slowly up... and down... the entrance to my... vagina.

"NO!" I tried again... as I felt his hardened cock sliding against me, feeling the head of his penis slide down, from the top of my pussy, along the passion channel, pausing to agitate against my clitoris, probing both the opening to my vagina and down... between my cheeks, rubbing against my anus, opening anew the demands of my long dormant appetite, starting another deluge of juice and passion...

But I couldn't stop my hips from jerking... and suddenly,... I could feel the head... his penis... slowly sliding... opening wide... my lips to slip along... and excite... the inner lips of my waiting vagina... to fill me... excite. expectantly... hungry...

And then he stopped... as if to tease me...

My nipples scraped against his chest as I squirmed and agitated, causing their own ripples. I felt him move, as if to impassion them even more, slowly dragging his body across mine, as if to intensify the contact, causing my breasts and nipples to roll tightly against him and riot in the process.

Our stomachs were tight, his pressing hard on my pubic hair almost ready to blend his with mine as he... My thighs were wide open, with him resolutely positioned, the tip of his penis throbbing just outside, teasing the entrance to my cunt, my pussy lips sucking at him. I thrashed around, but couldn't dislodge him... exciting myself even more in the movement... feeling our bodies grinding together...

"Mom." I felt the head of his throbbing cock, vibrating just outside me, seeming to grow..."I love you..." he whispered in my ear.

"Please don't... baby..." I whispered back, almost trapped by his body on... nearly in... mine... "We shouldn't do this... it's wrong... "

"But I love you... and you love me...

Lying there in that brief moment, my thighs wide open and around his hips, my breasts and nipples scraping against his chest, his pulsating cock firmly snuggling just outside my vagina...

"I can't... we shouldn't... you have to... stop...

I felt his throbbing cock grow... and slide a bit tighter against me...

"Mom... I... want... you... to... I love you... please... I don't want to hurt you... you're so beautiful... I just want to make love to you... now..."

"No! Stop now... I don't want you to..." but I couldn't stop the sensation of my pussy lips... as they nibbled against the tip of his dick "... please... baby... don't... rape... me."

Again, losing control, I closed my eyes as my hips pushed back at him... trying, despite my words, to slide him inside, feeling another wave of cum building.

I felt the slightest hesitation and said...

"I love you too... but... "and then felt his pulsating rod move again, slide a little more between the lips of my labia, again almost inside me. I groaned, realizing my pelvic movements were... helping as the climax began to build..."oohhh... baby... please... don't... ooohhh... fuck me..." I whispered in his ear, feeling him react to the word...

His cock, throbbing and lingering just outside my vaginal passage, was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced. I could almost feel my pussy lips wrapping around him... trying to draw him in...

In disappointment, I felt him draw back, feeling the thick head of his penis slide away from the opening of my vagina. I could almost sense my pussy lips... desperately suckling against the head of his cock as he withdrew

And, I couldn't stop the sensation and moan... as I felt him slowly slip the head of his dick back up and down my passage of love, gently nudging my clitoris again, to a new level... sliding down between the cheeks of my bottom to excite my anus again, lifting my legs to increase the intensity of his cock head sliding... up and down... in and out... now pushing at my anus... Now slipping along the lips covering my vagina...

My hips began to move with his rhythm... accepting that My vagina wanted... more... My breasts needed... wanted... My anus was... waiting...

Whenever he slipped around my muff, I kept trying to draw him further up... into... me...

When he slid down... around my bottom... I tried to spread my cheeks so he could... find a way... inside me...

And then, as I felt his cock flirting up and down around my passages of love... he raised up and looked at me, trapped under him... and said, "mom I do love you... I just want you to feel good..." and as if to emphasize his point... I felt the head of his dick slowly slide again along my now well lubricated offerings, first pressing my anus beginning to distend it... and then against my... vagina... almost... making me whimper with desire both times...

And I began to moan... still saying "NO! please stop... don't... do this" as he continued, ever so slowly, and gently, sliding his hot wand back and forth... alternating... first my pussy... then my ass, exciting me no end...

And then I felt his pulsating intensify... and I felt his cock head bobbing again just barely touching my pussy lips... and he groaned..."Mom... I need you... now... you smell so sweet and... taste so good... it feels so good with you... "

"Ohhhh... baby..." I groaned, wanting to pull him deep into my hungry body... as my hips began their involuntary jerking again... and I felt myself stretching... pushing my pussy lips up... trying to capture his cock... and pull it back to me...

Trying to stave off... what... I whispered "baby... please... it's not too late... I'll do whatever you want... but... we shouldn't do this... you shouldn't... I'm not supposed to... let you... make love to me... this way... it's wrong to want... to let you... do this..."

"But mom..." he leaned closer, whispering in my ear, "you liked it... when... I... touched... you... didn't you?"

"OH!!... sweetheart... yess..." I conceded, "but I was wrong... to... let you... touch... me... there..."

"Mom... I thought you really liked it... when... I touched you... I thought you wanted me... to kiss you... and put my tongue... in... you... there... didn't it feel good when I licked inside... your..." "Ohhh, yesss, baby..." I hurried to interrupt, "you did make me... feel... fantastic... so sweet... so gentle... so tender..." fighting with the thought, the so recent memory.

And then I whispered, "but darling... I can't... let... you... put... your..." Pausing while I searched for the words... sliding my hands up around his face...

"People would think it's incest..." pausing a moment... feeling him throbbing so tight against me "if... I let you... fuck me..." feeling his lurch again at my use of the word, moaning again, as I felt his dick slide tighter... "OOOHhhh... baby... please..."

"Mom, I do love you..." he breathed in my ear. "I just want to make love to you..."

"But I can't... want... I'm not supposed to let you... ooohhh... so excited... baby... I'm not supposed... to want you... to let... you oooohhhhh... baby... please... oooohhhh pllease..."

"Mom, please... I really... love you... I don't want to hurt you."

He slowly gently, kissed me on the lips, cupping my breast and rolling my excited nipple, shifting slightly... letting my hips shift... up.

"Mom, do you really love me?"

"Honey, you know I do..."

He slowly gently, kissed me again, slowly massaging my breast, as he slipped his tongue into my mouth... licking my lips.

As he withdrew his tongue from my sucking lips... in slow motion, yet like on a roller coaster, I felt the head of my son's virgin penis slip... inside... my pussy lips.

I groaned and closed my eyes... waiting...

When he didn't... continue... I forced my eyes open... to see him... as we both throbbed at the sensation of his cockhead... in me...

"Oh baby... please..." I whispered...

"Mom... I love you..." and he gently pushed his virgin penis ever so slowly... into my vagina...

I groaned and closed my eyes again... so... long... waited... so long.

And he stopped again.

I knew he was looking down at me... watching my reaction... and... felt him... in me... waiting... I looked up at him again... with my pussy lips hungerly wrapping around the head of his penis, waiting... wanting... him deeper... inside...

We both began to tremble and shudder at the torture of such slow, deliberate... and I heard him whisper, "Mom, I love you" again, as he slid his penis very slowly a little deeper into me, looking into each other's eyes, gently enjoying the tension from my vagina surrounding him.

"Ohhhh my darling... please..."

And again he paused, holding my hips down with his weight... keeping them from rocking forward... I felt his hand slide down my side... under... to cup my bottom... lift me

"Mom?" I heard him whisper in my ear, "you're so tight... you feel so good..."

And he pressed his hard virgin penis a little further into my vagina...

"OOOHH UUUGHHHH... Honneeey..."

I felt his thick penis pulsating in me. When I opened my eyes again, he was still watching, passion in his eyes. I felt myself trying to lift my hips, widen my entrance, making room for him... quivering with anticipation,

But he misunderstood.

"Please mom... I just want to... make love to you... I don't... want to... hurt you...

And he slowly slipped a little more of his penis into my raging womanhood.


My pussy was now firmly grasping at his throbbing cock... sucking at him... wanting him to come deeper and deeper into his "mother." I couldn't control myself any more... my hips were jerking, wanting him to slide further...

He still thought I was fighting him...

"OHHH Baby Please..." And he did... pushing a little more of his penis into me...

"OHHHHH baby... baby... baby... what are you doing... to me..." wondering how he could go... so... slow...

I felt him gently squeezing my bottom, lifting me a little higher... as my son slid a little deeper into me... "OHHH Mommm Youu FEEL Sooooo Tight..."

"UHHHH... You... Feeelll Sooo..."

My hips were still trapped... I couldn't reach...

I opened my eyes again... and looked deep into his... feeling my inflamed vagina squeezing him...

And then, slowly, I felt my son press his penis deeper into me...

And I began to cum... again... my hips vibrating against him...

As the waves folded around me, us, I felt him hug me tight, and my son slowly pushed his penis all the way in to fill his mother's vagina.

He stopped, the head of his penis snuggling tight inside me... as we both felt the rollicking vibrations throughout my pussy...

I felt him drawing slowly back while the muscles of my vagina tightly embraced and sucked him...

In panic, I opened my eyes again... and then let them close again as he very slowly slid his cock back into me... this time just a little more quickly... still watching my reactions.

I couldn't keep my hips from pushing back at him, trying to get more of him inside as I felt his slow slide back into me...

"Mom?" I heard him whisper in my ear, "please... you're so tight... you feel so good... I don't want to hurt you..."

I could only whimper... as I felt his hard, thick cock slide slowly... out... and back... into me... again

"Mom..." and I opened my eyes. He slowly stroked my breast, further exciting the nipple beyond belief, causing me to moan again. He waited, not moving until I opened my eyes again and looked at him. And then he kissed my lips again... and began to pull his solid penis out of me... making me watch him... until I felt the head of his penis again, at the entrance of my vagina... and stopped again...

"Mom... I love you..." and he started to slide ever so slowly back into me... as we both reveled at the feel of his young hard penis rubbing inside my vagina...

I slid my hands around to cup the cheeks of his ass,... as I felt him sliding deeper... and stop again...

As I felt his penis sliding again inside my vagina... away... I felt his butt cheeks beginning to shudder... and felt him pause... and slowly pull... almost... completely out... "Mom... ???"

But I could only whimper...

And feel him slowly, slide back to me, letting my pussy lips again engulf the head of his cock... and feel my son's penis ,,, slowly... slip... back into his mother's vagina as he glided deep into me.

And I pulled him into me... lifting myself... gently urging him deeper... through... feeling the thick head of his penis slowly penetrate... slipping... through my cervix... into my womb...

We both groaned as he slowly went deeper and deeper, until he filled my vagina and more with his palpitating penis... and was completely inside me...

Slowly, I began to manage him as he began to stroke... piston his hot young penis in and out of my vagina, lifting me to the next rush...

I held on, reveling in delight at the touch of his pumping bottom filling my palms, while the pulsating sensations of his hardened penis slowly agitated my clitoris and rippled in and out of my vagina. When I slid my fingers between the cheeks of his tight bottom, and stroked his hole, he whispered again, "I love you mom..."

"I love... you... too... oohhh... babbbyy... uhhnn... you're going to make me cum again..." moaning, holding him tight and whispering in his ear.

"OOoh, baby.I do love you... come to mommy... it feels sooo good... OOHHH!!! it's been so long... oh yes, my darling... let me feel you... inside... I've waited so long... for you..." And, the rolling climax began to crest again, feeling the thick head of his penis continuing to slide up... slowly... deep... inside... all the way... reaching further, until it seemed I had no more room.

As I held him close... deep in me... his cock began to resonate inside my pussy, I pulled him tighter still, and kissed him, letting him suck on my tongue... feeling him begin to explode deep inside me as I pumped my tongue into him... trembling and shivering... as the earth quake deep inside my pussy began to pound, as the waves began to crash yet again, as I felt his pulsating penis pumping... with my son straining to slide even deeper into my aching vagina... filling me with his eruptions, now rolling and crashing against mine. Deliriously, I felt his fingers tight under my bottom, and the storm reached yet another height, crashing thunder as he slipped a finger into my anus.

My legs locked around him, I pulled him tight so my cunt could squeeze up and down his awesome tool, and feel every charge as he emptied himself into me.

"Ohhhh baby... YYYYEEEESSSS... it feeellss ssooo goood... harder... don't sstoppp... fuck me baby... OOOH SWEEEET DARLING... PPULLLEEAASE..."

Finding finally the crescendo of fulfillment as my vagina sought to suck every bit of juice... my young virgin son could offer.

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