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My Mother-in-Law

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I was tired as I pulled up in front of my in-laws' home, the radio announcer had just said it was "9:00 am, time for the news!" I had been driving all night so I'd arrive on time for my first business meeting of the day. It was a beautiful Southern California morning. The haze was starting to lift as I heard the newsman tell me it was going to an expected high of 75 degrees. Compared to the winter weather in Idaho I had just left the evening before, I suddenly felt alive as I rolled down the window and took in the sweet smell of the morning air. I was a little excited to see my in-laws, as it had been almost 4 months since they had come to our home in Idaho for a visit last Christmas. I especially wanted to see my mother-in-law, Shirley. She had been bragging to me during our phone calls at how much she had been working out and how toned her body was. She claimed she could match my wife's body now in looks. I told her 'it was all that California smog getting to her brain.' I reminded her she had lost touch with reality and that my wife's body was still Playboy material, even after three kids.

I had to sit back and smile as I remembered the phone calls over the last several months. When my mother-in-law came to see us last Christmas I caught her leaving the shower in only her panties as she tried to sneak back to our guest bedroom. I was mesmerized by her beauty and figure. It was almost perfect then. Here was a woman in her mid forties, about 5'5", dark hair and haunting green eyes. Her body was like my wife's who is only in her mid twenties, except my mother-in-law had had seven children. Shirley, my mother-in-law had large firm breasts, a small tight waist and full hips, probably 34D-24-36, and she never really tried to conceal her half-naked body from me that morning I caught her sneaking down the hall back to her bedroom.

Later that night I told my wife about seeing her mother half-naked and mentioned to her how beautiful she was. Then ended it off with a joking comment of, "Boy I could have some kinky thoughts and fantasies with that woman." My wife's response caught me a little off-guard. She told me in effect that her step-father (who was 20 years older than Shirley), hadn't been paying any attention to her mother for the past 5 years and that Shirley had a really low self-esteem. My wife concluded that her step-father was probably not working (sexually), anymore after all of his operations, so any attention I wanted to give her mother would probably be appreciated. I concluded that meant a little flirting and not much hope of anything else.

So over the next four months I would call her twice a week during the day while her husband was gone and tease her about being so beautiful. We laughed at first, then she then started to respond back with little one liners. A couple times we talked about sex and before too long, I knew all about her past sex life. She really was missing the attention of a man, since her husband was now all wrapped up in his work and not her. She always tried to maintain her figure for him, but he wasn't interested anymore and that really hurt her. But she said if I thought she was that attractive and she could still turn heads, especially mine, then she was going to still attend her spa and keep herself in shape.

When I stopped the car out front of my in-laws' home, it looked like everyone was gone for the day, so I prepared to get a little shut-eye before my first meeting that day with clients. As I cuddled up against the door, I noticed someone in jogging shorts and a halter top coming up the street. Her tan figure caught my eye at first and as she came closer I realized it was Shirley. I not only awakened abruptly, but so did a lump in my pants. I couldn't believe how turned on I was to see her.

When she recognized my car, she came running over to see me and damn near pulled me out of the car to give me a hug. Her sweaty body felt great up against my tired body, especially when her pelvis ground up against my raging hard-on. I know she felt it, but was polite enough not to say anything. She just kissed me softly on the lips and said she was sorry she was so late with her morning run, but she had to take her husband to the airport for a two-day business trip up to Oregon. Boy my mind raced to the idea that there was a chance I could get in her pants after all, but I quickly dismissed the idea when I reminded myself she was my mother-in-law and always thought of me as her son. I kind of filled a void she had when her real son was killed 6 years before in a boating accident.

Shirley had 6 daughters and they all lived away from home and I was the only son-in-law. Some were divorced with kids and the others didn't want to get married. They all loved the attention they got from men, usually not enough. They were all beautiful and attractive. One was a runner-up for Miss California few years ago, another a cheerleader at ASU, and my wife had been a high school cheerleader. So when I describe the beauty of my wife, or my mother-in-law, Shirley, you know it's not fiction or exaggeration.

Shirley invited me in and we sat and talked for awhile. I tried not to stare at her protruding breasts, but they were so large in that tight white top as her sweat glistened in her cleavage, I couldn't help myself as my hard-on started to rage in my pants. I really wanted this woman, but I continued to restrain myself and my thoughts as we talked. Later she took me to the guest bedroom where I could get a little sleep before my meetings that afternoon, gave me another soft kiss on the lips before leaving telling me she would wake me in a couple of hours after her morning shower.

I wanted her and I hoped she wanted me, but I was too tired and too horny to figure things out right then, besides I needed to relieve myself after that last kiss.

It was almost four hours later when I woke up to a soft gentle hand stroking my hair, whispering to me it was time to get up. I opened my eyes to see her warm green eyes staring into mine. I realized I hadn't been dreaming but that I was there with my beautiful mother-in-law and that I still had a chance to get what I wanted... HER! I got out of bed with a throbbing hard-on and I didn't care if she saw it through my briefs, then headed to the shower. I saw out of the corner of eye that she looked right at my hard-on and smiled. I knew at that point there was a chance to get in her pants.

When I got out of the shower, I noticed her standing there with my towel in hand, looking me over, nothing was said, just thoughts passing between each other, she turned and walked out. We both knew it was going to happen, only when?

The meeting was only about an hour long and all I could do was think about Shirley the whole time, so I closed the sale quickly and left in a big hurry. I wanted to get back to her and I prayed she was as anxious as I was to take care of these yearnings deep within our loins.

When I arrived she was watching a video, when I saw what it was I was a little taken back. It was an adult movie called 'Taboo.' (Now if you want to know what my mother-in-law looks like, rent the video and look at the mother in the movie, Kay Parker. Shirley could pass off as her twin, only her breasts are a little firmer and I think Shirley is prettier.) I tried to act casual as I sat next to her, but within minutes I had a raging hard-on, not so much because of the movie, but because she was wearing a tee-shirt with no bra underneath. I could see her large dark areolas and her thick nipples protruding from underneath. I wanted so bad to suck on them, but fear held me back because of who she was. She looked away from the movie and caught me staring at her, then leaned over and gave me the most passionate kiss that I have ever had. As our tongues intertwined, my hand crept up to her breast and caressed it softly. She let loose with a moan as she removed her top, breaking off the kiss for just a second. There they were, her large breasts gently hanging there, begging for more attention. I wrapped my lips around her nipples, loving the feel they gave my tongue as I flicked across her nipple, cupping the other with my hand.

She moaned loudly and started to rip off my suit coat as I refused to release her nipple with my mouth. Not trying to hold back any longer I stood up and removed my shirt and pants down to my briefs, while she did the same. She couldn't help but stare at the large lump in my pants as it was so swollen from lust that it throbbed to the point of almost hurting. I, on the other hand, caught myself staring at her silky white lacy panties and could see the dark, hairy triangle silhouetted beneath them.

She quietly took my hand and led me upstairs to her master bedroom where she laid back on the bed with her legs bent and spread open. Then without another word she gently raised up her hips off the bed, cupped her thumbs in the waistband of her underwear and slid them down her curvaceous legs till they were free. I let my eyes take it all in, almost trying to burn this image upon my mind forever, she had an almost perfect body, tanned, firm, almost an exact hour glass figure. Her breasts were large and full even after having seven children. Her waist was tight as were her hips full and smooth. As a matter of fact there were no signs of her ever having children! No stretch marks or even baby fat on her stomach as other women usually inherited from having children. Her skin was smooth as silk, glistening with little beads of anticipation. I drank it all in as it is still burned into my memory to this very day.

She laid there with her triangle of thick jet black hair, damp from excitement, waiting for me to make the next move. I did. I dropped to my knees, then slowly kissed the insides of her thighs getting faint whiffs of her womanhood. I was so turned on at the thought of burying my face into the place where my wife was created and being the first man in years to enter her body once again it almost caused me to climax right then and there. But I used all my will power to hold back and be the gentleman I was taught.

As my tongue found the entrance to her succulent body, it was met with a flood of secreted juices oozing from deep within her, almost flooding my mouth with a warm, wet, thickness, so sweet... I thought it was some kind of nectar. I dug my tongue in for more, like a man thirsting for water on a parched desert day, never being able to satisfy his need for more.

I heard her squeal with delight as my tongue worked deeper and deeper in to her, then withdrawing I dragged my tongue across her clitoris when I noticed something... her clitoris started to elongate to almost an inch, then thicken at the same time to the width of my small finger. It was big enough for me to wrap my lips around it and lightly suck on it. I then darted my tongue back into her damp opening. I kept this up until her hips started to gyrate with each move of my tongue until she started losing control and ground her pelvis into my face begging for more. Suddenly, without any warning she clamped her legs around my head, tensed up and started to shake uncontrollably, thrusting her hairy opening into my mouth. Then the most amazing thing happened next, at that very moment she squirted a stream of her hot, buttery cum down my burning throat. I had heard of some women being able to do this, but had never seen it or experienced it, what a great a feeling this was... and to top it all off... it was with my mother-in-law.

I don't remember how I got my underwear off so quickly, but as she slowly released her hold on me, I stood up naked between her legs with my eight inch thick hard on, she opened her eyes wider as I heard her gasp while her eyes were still fixed on my hard on, begging me to bury it deep within her.

She sat up, leaned forward and gently caressed my throbbing member with her fingers. She claimed her husbands was only half as long and not anywhere as thick. She said it was the biggest member she had ever seen and had to have it. She was almost obsessed with it and claimed, "my wife was damn luck to get it all the time."

She lightly kissed the pre-cum off the tip of my throbbing member as it pulsated in her fingers. She lightly ran her tongue over the tip, then down both sides of it's long shaft till it was covered with her glistening saliva. I was doing all I could within my powers to keep from climaxing right then and there. The whole scene was too intoxicating. Here I was kneeling between my mother-in-law's legs as I took in her beautiful mature, womanly body, with her sticky cum still all over my face. Her womanly scents were still floating around the room. All this, as she caressed my raging hard-on with her hot slippery tongue.

With only thoughts, we caught each other's eyes and locked into one another thoughts as she laid back down on the bed spreading her legs so wide, I thought she was going to tear in half. She took hold of my throbbing member and guided it to the entrance of her sopping wet opening. She whispered breathlessly to be careful and go slow at first, because it had been so long since she had been with a man, let alone anyone as big as me. She wanted all of me inside her and she wanted her vagina to be able accommodate me.

I nodded to her as the head slipped in, she gasped a little, as she continued to stare deep into my eyes. I saw the passion stirring in her eyes as I slowly slid into her slick wet opening a couple of inches, then I felt her body shudder underneath mine. I slid in a little farther. Her hands came up to my hips quickly and held me there for a minute as she gasped for air, then moaned softly. I asked if she was okay as I broke off our locked eyes to look down between us to see how far I was in her. She said for me to wait a second as her muscles need to relax a little to accommodate my large member. I was only about two thirds of the way in. After a few more seconds, she released her hold on my hips and slowly pulled me into her. I felt her vagina getting tighter and hotter the deeper I went, until our pubic bones rested on each other. I knew I was home free as I felt her wet furnace engulfing my engorged member.

By now she was taking deep breaths and was shaking underneath me. I knew I was in her deep, because I could feel her cervix opening resting up against the head of my throbbing member. I dared not make the first move till I knew she was ready for me.

What seemed like minutes was only seconds till she started to slowly grind her pelvis into mine with small thrusts. I slowly reciprocated with tender thrusts at first, then longer and harder ones until we were both going at it like a couple of wild animals in heat. I could feel her tense up and shudder with her first climax as she flooded me with new hot sticky cum for the second time. I was barely holding on when she started into her second and hardest climax as she violently slammed her opening onto my member withering and screaming "Oh John, Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She dug her nails into my back, lifting her ass off the bed to meet each thrust of mine.

Being taken by the moment, my member throbbed and spasmed until it sank so far into her it erupted, pouring my hot seed straight into her waiting cervix, milking my cum deeper in to her wanting body. As I came, so did she a third time, screaming again, begging for me to fuck her harder and harder, withering with each thrusting move, then... suddenly stiffening... she went limp beneath me as she passed out from the pure pleasure of the moment. I collapsed exhausted beside her as we slowly melted into one mass of lustful flesh, our hot sweaty bodies becoming molten ... drifting off the edge of ecstasy, into a lulling, deep sleep.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night to find her still asleep in my arms. I wanted to pinch myself to see if it was true. Here was a woman I had always fantasized about since my wife and I first met. Annie (my wife), and I had been married for almost six years and had three sons, our sex had been great but never had it been as intense as what I just experienced with Shirley. It didn't make a lot of sense but I was so aroused at just sleeping next to her, that I would of been content with just that in my life. Let alone just having made love to her. It was a fantasy that was even better in reality, something my own mind couldn't have conjured up.

Just then she started to stir as if she knew I was looking at her beautiful naked body basking in the warm evening glow of the moon light... as it danced lightly upon her velvety skin. She looked almost ethereal as she continued to lay there in its heavenly glow.

I couldn't lay there any longer and just watch her. My body was starting to stir and could feel the desire rising between my legs. I gently caressed her breasts again, tenderly pulling her nipples as they responded to my attention. I enjoyed how long and thick they were as I sucked them into my mouth and wished I could have nursed on these myself years ago. I wanted to have come from this hot woman's vagina, to have lived in her belly and felt her warmth as she created me deep within her womb. I needed to have her once again as my mouth continued to work its way down over her small rounded belly towards the dark, wet, patch of downy hair between her legs. I picked up that sweet smell of love making juices as our cum continued to drip out of her womb. I let my tongue lap at her crack as she slowly started to raise her hips off the bed to push my tongue into her waiting body. She had awakened as she spread her legs wide, pulling my head deeper into her garden patch with a muffled moan.

My tongue found her long, stiff clitoris as I lightly sucked on it again. I could taste the hot cum from us both as it swirled around her thick opening, salty, yet sweet as I lapped it up to get more of our cum down my burning throat.

I knew she was fully awake now because she was moaning loudly, begging for me to take her once again. She then lifted my head away from her, then rolled over onto her stomach and got up on her hands and knees and opened her legs for me.

I knew what she wanted, and how she wanted it as I scrambled to take my position behind her with my thick member waiting at the entrance of her dripping womb. I wanted to memorize her beautiful firm ass as I slid my hands over her silky smooth skin. The moonlight was enough for me to see her perfect hour class figure in front of me, her waist seemed so small next to her curvaceous hips that she had centered in front of me. Feeling it's silky touch on my fingers I followed her smooth curves to rest my hands upon her hips, gripping them, preparing to hold on for the ride of my life. Just then she pushed back with one hard trust and my member was completely engulfed in her wet slick womb all in one single move. I felt her cervix smash up against the head of my member as she let out a loud cry. I knew I had just hit bottom again and loved being burned by her hot cum swirling deep inside her.

I responded by withdrawing and trusting back into her as I continued to hold onto her hips. She met each one of my thrusts with her own as we started to slam into each other. I felt her cervix opening each time to let me into her a little deeper. I took my hand and followed her ass around until I found her crack and slipped it down until I found what I was looking for, her puckered ass hole. It too, was pulsating with each trust she made. It was wet from her cum as I decided to slip a finger inside. She screamed with pleasure and thrust back to get more. She was now bucking with excitement as she was being penetrated in both holes at the same time. I never knew this woman could take so much or yet, desire so much. So I slid a second finger inside as she took it with ease begging for more. In went a third as she started to climax, bucking and screaming, pushing back to meet all I had given her. I felt her sphincter muscles tighten up, then her vagina, as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body while she climaxed, crying in passion for me not to stop. I couldn't now because I wanted more as I felt something give-way in her womb that almost sucked me into her even farther. I lost it and shot my seed up inside her as load after load bulleted into her waiting cervix till it milked all of the seed out of me. I didn't want to move, I just wanted to stay this way forever, with me all the way inside her. But the laws of nature took over as I became soft and fell out of her followed by a flood of cum from both of us. We rolled on our sides exhausted falling once again back into a blissful sleep.

When I woke up, the sun was streaming through the windows and Shirley was straddling my morning erection as she slid up and down upon it. I could feel a small puddle of hot cum at the base of my member not knowing if it was fresh or if it was from last night. I looked at her beautiful body in front of me as she slid up and down upon me. I thought at first I was dreaming until I reached up and caressed her perfectly formed breasts. I was still amazed at the sight of her, not a single flaw. Nothing seemed to show her age, or that once she had children. There was a slight drop in her breasts and hips that were widened a little from bearing children, other than that, I could of passed her body off as an eighteen year old, not a woman of forty five. I thought I wanted to photograph her and send it off to a magazine for other people to see, but I just drank it all in once again. The greatest thing of all was that I was fucking her, here and now! No one else was, not even my dumb ass father-in-law.

Not much had been spoken since we started to make love from the night before and we really didn't need too, our eyes did all the talking we needed. She closed her eyes as she slid up and down on my shaft that was splitting her open. I starred at her magnificent face that was accented by her beautiful dark hair, age didn't show there either. She was so soft as I continued to caress her breasts with one hand and with the other I moved a piece of wild hair out her face. I was dreaming it had to be, this had always been a fantasy, yet here I was deep in her womb and still wanting more.

Shirley opened her eyes when I touched her face. She got up and climbed off as she got back on her hands and knees reaching between her legs for me to guide myself into her hand. I got up behind her and placed my glistening, wet member in her hands. She guided it up to her anus and said, "go slow dear." Not believing my eyes she slowly pushed back till the head popped inside her, then stopped for a second to let her sphincter muscles relax as they gripped tightly on my member. I suddenly felt them relax as she pushed back farther upon my member. Slowly she continued to push until I was all the way in her. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was fucking her up the ass, something I had always wanted to do to any woman. My wife never let me because it hurt her too much and it didn't turn her on. Now I was fucking Shirley there. I was dreaming, it was all too good to be true.

I felt her muscles relax a second time as she said, "go ahead, but slowly at first." I withdrew a couple of inches, then back into ever so carefully. Then back out and in again, longer strokes each time till until the thrusts started picking up with each gliding moment. I could feel her muscles deep inside starting to milk my member as I withdrew each time, then open as I plunged back inside, my balls were slapping against her large clitoris with each stroke. She was back to moaning with each thrust that went into dark, wet body cavity. I worked my hand off her hips, reached around till out found her long clitoris protruding from her thick damp hair. I tenderly pulled on it till she started bucking more with the attention I was giving her there. I was doing all I could do to keep control as I wanted her to climax first, not me. I kept this up for a couple of minutes as I continued to study her shapely ass while I watched her being skewered upon my overgrown member, slick with her own juices. Then I felt her muscles clamp down on my member as she bucked to an orgasm while my cupped hand was flooded with her juices squirting out into my palm. I quickly raised my hand to my mouth and drank it clean as I tasted her sweet nectar slipping down my throat. That was it! I lost control! I flooded her bowls with my steaming climax. It sent Shirley off to a second climax as she felt my seed spewing deep in her stomach. I feel on top of her with exhaustion, as we both came crashing down upon the bed. We now had done it all.

I didn't say anything for awhile as we caught our composure, but held her in silence. We then started to talk about the night before and how great it was. How she had been in love with me from the day she first meet me while I was dating her daughter. How she too had the same desires as I had, how she had fantasized over the years about me also. She also told me how she wasn't sure how I would react to her large clitoris because it turned off her husband from their wedding night and was afraid it would do the same to me, that's why her sex life had been so poor with him. So she decided to take a chance on me hoping my wife had inherited her same clitoris. I said, "no such luck for me!" I explained it did very much opposite with me and drove me even crazier for her. That seemed to please her when she learned of that. We talked for seemed like an hour, then we fucked again because we were so turned on for each other. We showered after, then ate then went back to fucking again. We were like a couple of newly-weds as my mother-in-law put it that afternoon. We took a break and went out to dinner and came home and fucked the rest of the night where she gave me a blow-job like I had never had before, almost causing me to pass out! Then she taught me all about golden showers the next morning as her hot juice ran all over my face as we bathed together in her huge love tub. She had all this pent-up sexually needs that were being finally released, upon me... and I loved every minute of it.

Later that morning we said our good-bye's as I drove back to Idaho, beat, tired and extremely sore. I knew my wife was going to be horny as hell when I got home. She would be expecting me to make love to her the minute I walked in, because she could never go more than a couple of days without some kind of sexual relief. I didn't call Shirley for a couple of days after afraid she was going to be depressed, or upset over what we had done. Instead she called me at work that Wednesday asking what was wrong and why I hadn't called her. I explained my thoughts and she laughed saying all she could think about was when were going to get back together again. I felt relieved and called her every day after that.

About a month later she informed me she had missed her monthly period. I was a little shocked and never thought she hadn't taken preventive measures, or even maybe she had already gone through that change in life. But I was wrong and she wanted to keep her "love child" as she called it. So she coaxed her husband into making love to her that night and let him believe months later it was his. During her pregnancy, I would visit her about once a month on supposed business, while her husband was always out of town on his little company trips. We would fuck each other's brains out till we couldn't walk. I thought someone would catch on, like my wife, or her husband, but they thought I was just a caring son-in-law. We stopped fooling around the eighth month and she gave birth a month later to healthy baby boy, which she named after her son who died years before. She was so ecstatic that she had a son to raise and my father-in-law was a proud father never knowing anything different. It all worked out great, and three months later we resumed our lovemaking with our son asleep in the other room. I finally got to nurse on those beautiful big breasts and taste her sweet milk. She stopped nursing our son on one of my visits and let me continue nursing for a couple of days. I fed off her breast milk and didn't need to eat during those days as she filled me up, six times a day with her sweet milk. Shirley's favorite way to feed me was with me fucking her while my lips were locked on her nipples.

Six months later she was pregnant again, so she seduced her husband again, and carried out the same scenario and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She also got fixed while she was there. That was all years ago.

Today my wife has a ten-year-old baby brother and eight-year-old baby sister. No one knows but my mother-in-law and myself who they really belong to. Annie and I have moved to California and only live a few blocks away from my in-laws. Shirley and I continue to make love to each other almost daily during my lunch while everyone is gone to work or at school. She still has that perfect body and she never tires of sex. She now shaves her hair completely off around her vagina so that I have easy access to her large clitoris. I have aroused it at times from sucking that it has been erected to be as big as a small child's. I have also talked her lately into taking our son's virginity from him when he turns sixteen so she can teach him how to be a great lover. (He is already showing an interest in sex as she finds her used panties under his pillow when she cleans his room.) She almost climaxes just thinking about it. She also wants to try a threesome with a close friend of mine who's hung even bigger than I am, but then so does my wife want to try him, they say he looks like a young Tom Sellick. I know my friend wants to do them both, he keeps begging me to talk them into it. He's even offered me his wife in exchange for my wife for an evening, or better yet he wants my mother-in-law. He loves the idea of doing an older woman. I'm debating it! His wife is only 18 and never had any kids. She's too small in her vagina for him and that frustrates him but he thinks she could take all of me. He wants a woman that can take all of him, he's only 19 and his hormones are screaming. Maybe next month?

I still service my wife almost every evening and Shirley thinks that is great, she thinks there is plenty to go around. Annie and her have grown real close and my wife thinks Shirley's husband has been taking care of her lately. Even as I write this story with her over my shoulder we get horny reading and remembering it. Sometime I will write another part about two of my sister-in-laws and what my mother-in-law did to set me up with them so she could have some grandchildren from them. Who says incest isn't the best!

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