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Helping Sister Sleep - Written and Submitted By Doc

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I could have sworn that my parents' divorce was the worst thing that would ever happen in my life.

That is, until my dad decided to re-marry.

I had just turned 10 when my folks split up and my sister, Lisa, was only 6. Since it was decided that our father could do a better job of raising us, we ended up living with him. On the weekends, the three of spent all of our time together. Baseball games, picnics, camping...you name it we did it(maybe it was dad's way of making up for the divorce.) During the week, we were at school in the day and Dad usually came home just after we did. We spent so much time together you'd think we'd get sick of each other, but we never did. Life was pretty good...until SHE showed up.

Looking back, I guess it had to be expected. It had been a couple of years since the divorce and Dad hadn't even gone on a single date in that whole time(or so I thought). It was only natural that he try and find companionship. But why HER?

One Friday night, as Lisa and I were heading off to bed, Dad called us into the living room. He told us that he was taking us to meet someone special Saturday afternoon.
Lisa and I looked at each other, having no idea what he was talking about.
"OK...see you in the morning" I said, and started off to my room.
Copying me. Lisa piped up, "OK...see you in the morning."

As was our ritual, Lisa and I spent Saturday morning eating cereal and watching cartoons. (What ever happened to Saturday morning T.V. anyway?) About half-way through "Superfriends", Dad came in and told us to get dressed. We had to be at Jane's in half an hour.
"Who's Jane?", Lisa asked.
"That's who I want you to meet, " Dad replied.
A few minutes later, the three of us were on the road heading to "Jane's" house.
On the way, both Lisa and I kept asking about this "Jane" person. Our Dad's responses were half-assed at best. We eventually gave up on trying to get any information from him.
After driving for a while, Dad pulled the car into a gravel driveway.
"Here we are," Dad said.
Even though our Dad got out of the car, my sister and me were a bit hesitant. The house looked alright but we still had no idea what was going on.
Then suddenly, from behind the house, two little girls came running towards the car, screaming. This got my attention.
I opened the car door and stepped out just as the taller girl reached my father. She threw her arms my dad's leg and started yelling "Daddy, Daddy".
What in the hell was going on.
I felt something bump into me and turned around to see that Lisa has followed me out of the car. Looking up at me, she asked "Why is she calling him 'Daddy'?"
"I don't know sis".
Walking towards us, with the girl still clinging to his leg, our dad called us over. The smaller girl was tagging close behind.
"Mike, Lisa, this is Tammy", he said, pointing to the girl holding him. "And this," motioning to the other girl, "is her sister Patty".
"My name is "Patricia', she corrected him.
Tina pushed her way past me, walking up to Dad. "Why is she calling you 'Daddy?"
Looking a bit embarrassed, he pried Tammy off his leg and "Why don't we go inside so you can meet Jane? Tammy, you and your sister go play in the backyard."
"All right, Daddy."
There she goes again, I said to myself. What in the HELL is going on.

We were a few feet from the front door when it opened. A thin woman wearing shorts and a tube-top(this was the seventy's) stepped out. Without even acknowledging me or my sister, she threw her arms around my dad's neck and kissed him full on the lips.
I felt like screaming, "Why is everyone hugging my Dad today?"
Once they finished their lip-lock, Dad looked over to me and my sister. "This is Mike and Lisa. Guys, this is Jane."
Giving credibility to the old saying "Kids say the darndest thing", Lisa looked up at Jane and said, "Why are you kissing my Daddy?"
Looking a bit uncomfortable, Jane cleared her throat and suggested that we all go inside to talk.
Before going in, Lisa reached up at put her hand in mine, squeezing as tight as she could. I didn't bother checking out the inside as Jane led us into the living room. I was still trying to figure out what was happening.
Jane went to the couch and sat against the armrest. My dad sat right next to her and told me and Lisa to sit next to him. When I started to sit on the far cushion, Lisa squeezed herself between me and the other armrest. I guess she wanted to put as much room between her and Jane as possible.
"Kids, I think you should know Jane and I have been seeing each other for quite a while." Dad shot those words out so fast, they all ran together.
I sat there not knowing what to say. With all the time he spent with me and my sister, how could he have spent any with her?, I thought. Years later I discovered he started "seeing" her while he and my Mom were still married.
Dad continued, "And we have been talking about getting married."
The air was just sucked out of lungs. Whatever he said after that didn't register...my now 12 year old brain was spinning. Lisa's only reaction was a soft "Huh?"
Our Dad kept talking but none of his words were reaching my ears. The next thing I heard was Jane saying "I'm going to be your new mother". (Quick personal note to any future step-parent: Never say that...it's presumptuous and just plain fucking stupid)
It would be pointless to try describing what happened between that day and the wedding. If you were to ask my sister or myself, neither of us could tell you. We would just as well not try to remember. Let's just say that the wedding went off without a hitch. After the honeymoon, Jane and her daughters moved in with the two brats having the guest room turned into their bedroom. This is where the trouble began.

The first thing Jane did was try switch my sister's room with her girls' room. She said that Lisa's was larger and therefore should be given to her daughters, with Lisa getting the guest room. As would prove to be the case in the future, Dad agreed with her.
Lisa started crying as soon as she learned she would be losing her room to a couple of snot nosed kids. Dad tried calming her down by saying, "They're part of our family now...you have to do what's best for everyone". FUCKING WUSS.
The next couple of years were pretty much the same. Jane made a decision and my dad stuck by her. It would probably be best to just fast forward to the summer I turned 16.

While we wait for the years to go by, let me tell you about me and my sister.

I wouldn't say that there is anything extra-ordinary about myself. I have light brown hair and brown eyes. My height was avererage, topping off at 5'10" with a medium build.
As a kid, I did all the normal "kid stuff". Soccer, little league etc. A decent athlete, nothing near 'star-player; status. But I do have to say that my grades were always well above average. My sister, on the other hand, was definately not average.
Since she couldn't stand either of our step-sister's, she spent a lot of time following me around. I understood where she was coming from so it never really bothered me. I actually enjoyed it...it kind of made me feel more grown-up knowing that I was responsible for her safety.
As a result of spending so much time with me, she got interested in sports. And she got really good at a few of them. Gymnastics, volleyball, softball...you name it, she played it. All of this activity had her in great shape by the time she started to develop.
Lisa was around 11 when I first noticed her tits. I might not have if it wasn't summer vacation. I was in the driveway playing basketball with a friend when she came out wearing a one-piece swim suit. Her tits were small but they were there. This was the first time I saw her as a girl and not just my sister.
Her hair was brown like mine, shoulder length She also had the greenest eyes you could imagine. Her legs weren't long but they were definately starting to get a nice shape to them. And all the time she spent outside gave her a soft, even tan.

OK...here we are. This is the year I turned 16 and Lisa was now 12.
My dad was being transferred across state. He and the step-bitch(Lisa came up with that one) found a house they liked and we started to prepare for the move. Packing, saying goodbye to friends, and everything else that comes with uprooting your life. At least we waited until June to move. That way we would have the chance to make new friends before school started in the fall.
The drive to our new house was miserable. Four kids fighting for room in the back seat the whole time. When we finally arrived, we poured out of the car, almost before Dad put it in park. Jane unlocked the front door and everyone ran inside, each going in a different direction.
It was a small ranch-style, the kind without an attic. After walking through the whole house, I noticed that there were only 2 bedrooms.
I went back outside, where my dad was starting to unload from the moving van. "Hey Dad", I said. "If there are only two bedroom, where is everyone going to sleep?"
Setting down the box he was carrying, he said, "Well, we figured since the basement is seperated by a wall, you could take one side and Lisa could take the other."
"What wall? There's only 2 x 4's," I reminded him.
"As soon as we're moved in, I'll put up some paneling."
"And until then...?"
Starting to look frustrated, my dad said, "Until then you can hang up some sheets. We have to do what's best for the family." I was getting so tired of hearing that.
"Who's family, ours or Jane's?", I asked, not even trying to hide my sarcasm.
The rest of the day went by silently. Nobody was talking to anyone else.

Actually, Lisa didn't mind being in the basement. That way she wouldn't have to be near the brats any more than necessary. I on the other hand, wasn't thrilled with sharing a room with a girl.
Being the only other guy around, I had to help Dad with all the heavy lifting. Dressers, washing machine; any requiring two people. We worked until about 9:00 that night, stopping only for a quick dinner break.
I was so worn out my only thought was sleep. I went down to my new "room" and plopped down on my mattress. I could set up me bed in the morning. Lisa had managed to put her bed together and even hung a few sheets up to cover the gaps in the 2 x 4's, giving us a temporary wall.
It was a few hours later when I woke up needing to go take a leak. As I starting sitting up, I heard soft moans. At first I thought Dad and the step-bitch were going at it again. Then I realized the sounds were coming from my sister's side of the "wall". Turning on my side, I looked in my sister's direction. With the streetlights shining through the window, I could make out her shadow.
She was moving her hips up and down slightly, and I could see one hands was placed between her legs. I suddenly realized she was masturbating. "Did 12 year olds do that?", I thought. I had just recently started myself. But I was 16 with no money and no car...I had no choice. But her?
Still watching, I noticed her hand was moving quicker now and her moans were getting a bit louder. Then I heards her let out a long, slow breath obviously signaling that she had reached her goal. I figured she had brought herself to an orgasm and the show was over. If I got up now, she would know that I was awake and probably had heard her private play session. I figured my piss could wait till later and rolled over to go back to sleep.
As I laid on my stomach, I felt my hard-on. Had my sister masturbation really turned me on? Apparently so. I turned on my side and reached down to grab my dick...it was hard as a rock. No way could I get back to sleep now so I quietly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to relieve myself in a different way. If Lisa heard me, she gave no signs.
I went in the batroom, closing the door behind me. Pulling out my dick, I knelt in front of the toilet and started jacking off harder than I ever had before, using the sight of my sister's shadow as encouragement. Pre-cum was starting to drip from the tip of my
cock. Feeling my shaft get slicker just made me want to pump faster. By this time I was trying to imagine that I could actually see Lisa playing with her pussy, how she looked lying naked on her bed. The picture of this brought me over the top. I started shooting load after load into the bowl. Thinking of my own sister had given me the strongest orgasm I could ever remember.
After the 5th or 6th stream hit the water, my dick began to soften. I grabbed some toilet paper to clean up my cock and the cum that had found it's way to the raised seat.
I was covered in sweat as I headed back downstairs. As I drifted off to sleep, the image of what I had seen early played over and over in my mind.

The next morning, I found myself constanly staring at Lisa. I was starting to see her not as my sister, but as a maturing, young woman. At breakfast I kept glancing at her chest. Her tits were still very small. In fact, she would still be wearing a training bra for a couple more months. But this morning she wasn't wearing a bra at all. Her tiny titties just barely pushed her t-shirt away from her chest and I could see the outline of her left nipple.
I felt my dick begin to stir. I stood up and excused myself before my buldge started to show in my shorts, and went to the bathroom for another round with " Rosy Palmer".
This time I imagined myself sucking on my sister's nipple. I swear that I could actually taste it in my mouth.
As I was wiping myself off, I heard Jane yell, "Mike, I want you kids to get your rooms in order today so get a move on."
"All right," I shouted back. I walked out of the bathroom and headed to the basement.
As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw Lisa in front of me, about halfway down the steps. Her red shorts were a bit tight and hugging both her ass cheeks. Together they looked like an upside-down heart. Her hips moved slowly from side to side as she walked. "GOD...THIS IS KILLING ME", I thought. I kept on my own side of the curtains all day, unpacking and trying to make my "room" look as good as possible. Being near Lisa would have made my dick and I didn't think she could handle her brother getting aroused at the sight of her.
Again, that night, I was pretty tired. But I had to stay awake as long as possible. With any luck my sister would treat me to another show that night. I just starting to drift off when she came overto my side and told me she was heading upstairs to shower. How I wish I could have went with her.
Twenty minutes later she came back downstairs. She stopped by my bed and whispered, "Mike, are you awake?"
Wanting her to think I wasn't, I didn't answer. If she thought I was asleep, maybe she would feel it was safe to play with herself.
It seemed like an eternity before she finally turned off her light. Rolling to my side, I was met with the outline of her shadow on our make-shift wall. She climbed onto her bed and spent a few seconds getting comfortable. Then I saw her lift her ass off the bed and start pulling her nightgown up to her stomach. She lifted her ass again, this time pushing her panties off her hips and down her legs. My sister then placed her hand between her legs and slowly started to rub. My dick sprang to life. Instead of going upstairs to masturbate, I decided to do it right there while watching my sister.
I pushed my shorts down aroung my knees and grabbed my cock. I began to stroke the shaft slowly, trying to time my movements with Lisa's. Actually seeing her trying to get off made my cock harder than I'd thought possible. Her body moving from side to side, her hips moving up and down, her hand gently working on her twat...it was poetry in motion. My dick felt like it was going to explode.
When Lisa began releasing short breaths, each one quicker than the last, my balls tightened. I didn't know how much longer I could last. My dick was coated with so much pre-cum I could have easily slipped inside even the tightest cunt.
I needed to shot my load so bad. But I wanted to cum at the same time she did. I tightened my balls as much as possible, still stroking my shaft. This had to end soon.
"Uh..uh..uh." Lisa was getting close. Though she was trying to be as quiet as possible, she still let out a few low and intense moans.
As I heard her sucking air into her mouth, I knew she beginning to cum. Her body moved very little but her hand gained speed. Taking this as my cue, I relaxed my balls.
A few strokes later, my stomach was being coated with my hot cum. Running down skin, it began to form a puddle on my bed. Struggling not to make a sound, I closed my eyes and held my breath. Wave after wave of pleasure hit my entire body. It was all I could do to keep from shouting out.
After a few moments, I came down from my orgasm. Looking back in my sister's direction, I saw that she was now motionless. My own ecstasy had kept me from actually seeing her cum. I knew that I would have other opportunities, though.
I grabbed a shirt from off the floor and wiped the semen from my stomach and soaked up as much as I could from the bed. I could change the sheets in the morning. I drifted off to sleep imagining that it was my hand giving my sister so much pleasure.
This went on almost every night for the next few weeks. I starting keeping an old t-shirt next to my bed so I wouldn't have to change sheets each morning. But enough was enough. I had to put an end to this little game.

My sister's and I dislike for a step-bitch and her kids automatically extend to all the members of their family. We avoided them as much as possible but tolerated them when necessary. This turned into a blessing when they decided to go camping for a family reunion.
Telling Dad that we didn't want to ruin their fun, my sister and I pointed out that it might be best if we just stayed home that weekend. I had always done a good job looking after Lisa so my dad half-heartedly agreed. This would be my chance to finally end "The Game"...or at least raise the stakes.
The rest of the "family" took off around noon. Being a good sport, I waved to them as they pulled out of the drive. It was around 5:00 and I was starting to get hungry. I found Lisa in the backyard getting some sun and asked if she wanted to order a pizza for dinner(Dad had slipped me some money before he left).
She looked up at me and said, "Sure, but no mushroom".
She was lying on her back wearing a black, strapless, one-piece swimsuit. With her legs slightly spread, I had a pretty good view of her covered pussy. Oh... how I was aching to touch her soft mound. The sides of her suit were cut high on her thighs making her legs seem longer than they were. I wanted to run my fingers up and down them so bad.
The top of the suit come came just above her tiny, budding tits. I tried to imagine taking one of them in my mouth, slowly sucking on her soft flesh.
"Hey", Lisa yelled", "are you just gonna stand there or are you going to order the pizza?"
This brought me back to reality. Well, that and the hard-on I was getting. I went back inside and ordered our dinner(without mushrooms).
I had to force myself to not look at her during dinner and it wasn't easy. It was impossible later that night.
Around 8:00, I grabbed my towel and headed to the shower. Being summer, I only brought a pair of shorts to change into when I finished. When I was done, I went to the living room where Lisa was watching T.V.
"Your turn," I said.
My sister jumped off the couch and said, "'bout time. Is there any water left?"
"Ha Ha", I answered.
She went downstairs to get her clothes then came back up and went to the bathroom.
I heard the door shut and then a few seconds later I could hear the water running. My mind starting to imagine how she lwould look standing there. Her moving the soap over her body, slowly lathering herself up. Over her pointed tits, down her flat stomach, between her thighs until the bar was sliding between her legs. I imagined her bringing herself off using the soap instead of her fingers.
With my eyes shut, I didn't hear her turn off the shower. My mind was still busy to notice. I also didn't hear her come back into the living room.
"You alive?", she asked.
This brought me back to partial reality. Not enough to be aware of the bulge that had grown in my shorts, though. Lisa was very aware of it.
She stood there wearing a shirt that came down to about mid-thigh. It was tight enough that I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. I wondered what color her panties were.
"You were thinking about some girl weren't you?"
"What makes you say that?", I asked back.
"Because you have a hard-on," she answered. "I bet it's some girl from your old school ain't it?"
"No...It's somebody else."
"Oh yeah...who?" I could tell she was getting ready to start teasing about being in love with someone.
I decided it was now or never.
"Actually I was thinking about you." Hear expression turned from playfullness to one of slight shock.
"No you weren't!" she said.
"Yeah I was."
"Stop kidding"
"I'm not...I hear you at night you know". It was time to let the cat out of the bag.
"I hear you when you play with yourself."
My sister stood there, now looking embarassed. "Yeah, well I hear you, too," she muttered.
"I can also see you. Your shadow is on the sheets."
Her expression changed again. I couldn't tell if it was anger humiliation or what. Her whole face was turning red.
"You mean you watch me? That's sick."
"Actually, I think you look really beautiful when you do it."
This seemed to relaxed her a bit. She moved over to the couch and sat down on the far end. She tucked her right foot under her leg, keeping the other one on the floor.
This lifted her shirt up enough until just the crotch of her panties were showing. White, her panties were white.
Clearing he throat, Lisa asked, "You really think I look beautiful?"
"Beautiful and sexy," I answered.
"So what do you do when you watch me?", my sister asked.
"I jack-off." My answer was blunt but it was to the point. "You get me so excited I can't help it."
We sat for a few seconds before she broke the silence. "I sleep better if I make myself cum first." Hearing her say the word 'cum' made my dick jump. This was the moment of truth.
"Maybe tonight I could help you get to sleep." The lump in my throat was the size of a grapefruit.
"You want to play with my pussy?" My dick jumped again.
"Yeah I do," I said almost stuttering.
"And you want me to play with your dick?" The image of her hand on my cock almost made me cum right then and there.
"Only if you want to," I assured her.
After saying nothing for a while, her eyes drifted down to my shorts. If the bulge was any bigger, my dick would have ripped right through them. Still silent, Lisa stood up and started walking towards the basement stairs. Reaching the top step, my sister turned back to me and asked, "Aren't you coming?"

As I started down the steps, Lisa was already out of sight. I walk through my half of the basement over to hers. She was lying on her bed, propped up by her left elbow.
I lowered myself down to my right side mirroring her position, facing right at her. Using my left hand, I brushed her hair back, tucking it behind her ear. Lowering my fingers, I began caressing her cheek.
"If you start feeling uncomfortable, just tell me to stop," I whispered.
Instead of saying anything, my sister took my wrist and moved my hand down her face, down her sides, all the way down to her pussy.
Lying on her back, Lisa took ahold of her shirt and lifted it up over her belly, just below her tits. My chin was resting on the top of her head which was now nestled against my neck.
I cupped her twat in my left hand, gently squeezing and then slowly releasing. Feeling her breath on my neck, I continue massaging her until I felt some dampness start to seep through the cotton fabric. With my middle finger, I pushed her panties into her slit and began stroking between her puffy lips.
Feeling my sister's dampness spread, I took my hand up to the elastic of my sister's panties. Pushing my fingertips under the band, I began sliding back down towards her mound.
Reaching in, the heat from her cunt was incredible. Coming to the beginning of her cunt, I felt just the slightest bit of peach fuzz. She was almost bald.
Continuing down, my hand found her clit. As I brushed against it, her body jerk upward and her breathing started coming in quick, short bursts.
I slid my whole body farther down the bed, bringing my face even with Lisa's. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened slightly. Moving in until our lips barely met, I placed my tongue just inside her mouth. It was soon met by the tip of her own. We slowly swirled our tongue's around each other's, using a soft and sensuous pace.
Using the hand that was between us, my sister began rubbing up and down my shaft, trying to grab my dick through the shorts. Breaking our kiss, she softly said, "Take them off."
I brought my hand out from her panties and stood up next to the bed. I pushed my shorts down, stepping out of them. I was completely naked and my dick was pointing straight up, stiff as a board. Lisa sat up, took hold of he shirt and pulled it off over head.
Sitting there, her tits were sticking straight out; not yet big enough to be affected by gravity. Here nipples were the size of the tip of a pen.
I put one knee on the bed and reached towards her waist. Curling my fingers in the top of her panties, I started sliding them down. She raised her hips, allowing me to pull them all the way down and finally off. As she laid back down, I glanced to her pussy. The hair I had felt earlier was barely visible.
I had to take a second to let all of this sink in. Lying in front of, was the most innocently beautiful girl I had ever seen. And she was my sister.
She brought her hand up, placing her fingers around the head of my cock. Moving her hand down my shaft, she brought me back down to the bed. Our kiss had been sweet but this time my mouth had a new target.
Sinking to the mattress, I directed my mouth to her left tit. I was able to suck all of it into my mouth. While sucking, I starting using my tongue on her tiny nipple. I placed my left arm across her body, placing my hand on her other tit. I started rubbing her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.
While I worked on her chest, Lisa began sliding her hand up and down my cock; lubricating the entire length with my pre-cum.
After playing with her right nipple for a while, I moved my hand down off her tit and on to her stomach. Her skin was so smooth and warm.
I kept taking my hand all the way between her legs, again brushing against her clit. Placing my middle finger in her slit, I started searching for the entrance to her tunnel.
Her cunt was so wet my finger slid into her before I even knew I had found her hole.
I started fingering my sister's pussy and at the same time, rubbing her tiny clit with my thumb.
"OH...OH...UH...YEAH...YEAH...GO FASTER!!!" Lisa was lifting her hips off the bed bringing them up to meet my finger.
She pulled her hand off my cock and took it to her cunt. Sliding her hand under mine, Lisa she started rubbing herself fast and hard. I tried to finger her cunt faster but her legs had clamped around my hand trapping it between her thighs.
She started driving her slim hips upward, grinding her hand against her pussy. This was nothing like I was used to seeing. A few seconds later I could hear her suck in her breath. She clenched her whole body and started shaking a bit. This was an incredible sight.
Finally she relaxed, her skin covered in sweat.
I looked at her for a while as she laid motionless; her breath still coming in short, quick bursts. As a smile began growing across her face she opened her eyes, looking up to me.
"That was the best one I ever had. I'm glad I didn't have to try and hold it in like usual."
"I doubt you could have even if you wanted", I said.
She brought her hand off her pussy and wrapped her fingers around my cock again. Sliding her fist up and down, she said "I guess it's your turn. How do you want to do it?"
"I''m not sure...are you still a virgin?"
Lisa lifted her knees and spread her legs apart. "See for yourself."

Scooting down towards the end of the bed, I knelt between her ankles. Lifting her feet up, I moved up until her knees were on both sides of me. Lisa placed her calves on my hips, wrapping them around to my ass.
I grabbed hold of my cock and pulled it down, aiming it at her bald pussy. When I started rubbing my swelled head against her slit, my sister placed her hands between her legs and pulled her lips open.
Seeing the entrance to her special place, I put my throbbing bulb up to her hole.
"You don't have to worry about my cherry. I lost it doing gymnastics."
Hearing this, I started pushing my cock into my sister. She was tight but the cum from her orgasm allowed my head to pop in on the first try. Knowing that I wasn't going to last very long, I pulled out and then pushed back; this time going in an inch farther. Adding an inch with each thrust, it took 6 until I was fully buried inside her pussy.
Taking a chance to admire my sister's body as she lay underneath me, I held myself inside her for a while. The light shining off her sweat gave Lisa's skin a soft glow. Her tits looked like two half lemons sitting on her chest.
"What's wrong?" Lisa asked.
Lowering myself down on top of her, I said, "Nothing...nothing at all."
I propped myself up on my elbows going down only far enough until I felt her nipples pressing against me. Then using a slow rhythmn, I started fucking my sister.
Lisa put her legs around me, pulling me in each time I would re-enter her. On the out-strokes she released her pressure allowing me to pull back until only my head was left inside her.
After only about 5 minutes, I felt my balls start to tighten. Increasing my speed, I started driving my cock deep into my sister's pussy, still trying to be as gentle as possible.
Burying my face against her neck, I started whispering in Lisa's ear, "I'm gonna cum. Oh God, I want to shoot my load in your pussy."
Lisa's legs tightened around me. "Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me harder", she said, her voice slightly louder than mine had been.
As the pressure in my balls increased, I raised into a push-up position. I began fucking her as fast as I could. Her small tits were just barely moving with each thrust.
"AH GOD...YES...OH YES," I screamed.
I drove into her as the first load fired into her cunt. With each following stream of cum, I thrust as deep inside her as I could. I shot five more loads into her pussy, my back arching as the last one went loose. Relaxing, I collapsed on top of her.
When I had regained enough energy, I rolled over onto my back bringing Lisa with me.
She was now on top of me with her head laying on my chest.
"Well...do you think you'll be able to get to sleep tonite?", I asked.
"I don't know. Maybe you should stay here with me in case I can't."

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